Gemini – Rehab’, the last verse shows a revolving door.

Siren's, demon, alluring calls
Gemini – rehab


Gemini’s bearing force

Dealt her life a twisting course,

Booting her South in a flick of time,

Hooking for decades, gripping, in strive.


But, beckoning her forth,

The Light House, at

South End, had heard her call.


Setting her sails to mast, and

Throwing overboard her twin’s, dark, force.

Ploughing her oars,

She, was, mightily, thanking, the Lord,

All the way, to

South End’s Esplanade,

And the Promenade.


Crossing ocean’s fluidity,

The, hazy sun sets, and fluxing opacity,

Resisting, the Siren’s alluring songs –

Those seducing Demon’s calls,

Sweetening, her anticipated Victory,

To end, her dreadful Odyssey.

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Mass Depopulation = Syria

Mass depopulation = Syria

How can these raiders, these pirates, these killers, just pick and choose which country, and people to destroy and displace. Vilifying them, once surviving the genocide and the decimation of their nation, in which murder is justified as ‘collateral’ damage. A business term, which conducted under the pretense of defense and humanism, is being callously administered. Those sheep, who egg on their governors in the destruction of other nations and it’s people, are partaking in the crimes, racism/hatred/robbery, and, who have the cheek to call innocent, traumatised people “terrorists”, are, themselves, the terrorists, inciting, the terror and affray, who love seeing the slaughter of innocent masses once breaching their borders.





The Vindication of Muslims – The Right Not to be Called Terrorists.

With terrorism set to explode, people need to be clear on what ‘hate’, ‘racism’ and ‘terrorism’ are, and whether the emotions fuelling ‘racism’ and ‘hate’ are actually borne out of the actions of ‘terrorism’ allegedly committed by Muslims to be factually correct in order to justify, or not, the reprehensible actions committed against them. For instance, calling Muslims ‘terrorists’ is not only defamation of character but a corruption of truth. As according to the OED, ‘terrorism’ is, “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”, is also, defining the misrepresentation of Muslims, whose character and deeds do NOT fit this misguided stereotypical social perspective in any way or form.
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Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.

Science and Tech’ – Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.

“Nature Loves to Hide”

(Heraclitus of Ephesus)

These are truly staggering times, scientific exploration is sailing the oceans of space, with technology providing the rig and mast, powered not by the wind but the Hadron Accelerator/Collider (CERN) that’s taking the Nuclear programme into “unseen worlds”. Continue reading “Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.”

Remember Me.

A with Panama
              Remember me, when I’m alive ‘n’ kicking,

Dancing at the break of dawn.

Remember me, before the close of day        Skipping, at Sun’s peak, midday’s gaze,     Scorching, our faces, with, its, now, polluted flames. 

    The spraying of us all                                            And, the stars, even that far. 

Aluminium, back-shooting to the ground   Disseminating around. 

 Oh, those recidivist Goofs,                                                                                       Precipitating it all,                                                                                                            Indeed, whom, we call, the reckless Fools!

                                 I will remember you,

 The End 

                                    Remembering Christiana Rosette.

Robot Rights: Law, Artificial Intelligence and Humans

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 A Preliminary Analysis on the nature of media reports.


By Lily Von Valley

In 2015, EU CIVIL LAW RULES IN ROBOTICS (CLRR) opened and closed a Vote on granting Robots Legal Status, “Electronic Persons”, viewing ‘Machines’ as ‘Persons’ for the first time. Continue reading “Robot Rights: Law, Artificial Intelligence and Humans”