The Propaganda Machine, Corbyn, and the Subliminally Hacked British Voters: A Perfect Recipe for Political Corruption?


The election process has demonstrated just how propaganda can reduce a political narrative into a viscous onslaught; control the political discourse and overtly distort facts allowing for ‘mass control’ of a population’s view. The perfect recipe allowing for political corruption.

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Cyber Security or Cyber Security Stocks – Where to Invest Amidst the Warnings of Global “Ransomware” Attacks on “Internet Infrastructure”?

CyberarcCyber Security stocks are soaring doubling gains for their investors, making me wonder the cause behind this recent internet security stock’s spikes consistently smashing peaks. On the news I heard concerns about ‘’killer robots’’ being deployed in future battle fields – Though the more apparent reason was “Ransomware attacks” targeting “internet infrastructure”, and the evidence is pointing to “Iran”.(*1). Starting in 2017 when it had “spread” a virus “across the globe…and… infected 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries”(*2). Said to be small compared with the expected magnitude, the current threat is posing, considered likely to affect most personal and corporate communication networks and the re-routing of information and meta-data to unauthorised destinations. The threat is such that several Tech communities are issuing “warnings…over the attacks”. At this point, I ask myself what should I do, is it time to invest in Cyber Security for my PC, or, Cyber Security stocks? And this, I have considered, that the former is out-dated the moment it is uploaded, the latter, can easily be toppled just as quickly it soars..

*1 Warning issued over attacks on internet infrastructure
February 23, 2019, by Glenn Chapman
MAY 15, 2017 / 8:32 AM / 2 YEARS AGO
-Cybersecurity stocks rise in wake of global ‘ransomware’ attack.…/cyber-security-stocks-rise-in-wake…
-Twitter: AFP news agency‏Verified account @AFP Feb 22
#BREAKING The internet infrastructure is under attack, the agency that oversees the online address book warns
-Understanding Internet Infrastructure

Ahl Sina: A Great Change is Coming

A Great Change is Coming

Amr Troop of Pain


                                                                         Ahl Sina

The start of a great change is coming to Egypt and Europe—Ahl Sina, an extreme Arabian Metal Rock band that can expect to be met with horror or awe, popularity or rejection, but whose benefit will be fully recognised in no time at all.

Many people do not appreciate radical change because often it is forced upon them, but in this instance, it is not. The world will naturally gravitate towards Ahl Sina, meeting it in a spirit of interest. And so far, the reactions have been favourable.

Yet, as gradual as this promised change has been, being five years in the making, Ahl Sina is making great strides. “Troops of Pain” is its debut album, released in 2019, and much has already been accomplished. Only those realising the extent of its labour and what has been fully done will appreciate its marked difference, and its radical step away from conventional world music dialogues and exchanges taking place since the 80s will further deepen appreciation of the band’s advance and style. Continue reading “Ahl Sina: A Great Change is Coming”

Tears Deconstructed (Robert Owen)

Robert Owen

Fyi: The song’s lyrics are at the end.


The question in everyone’s mind, what is causing all the tears behind the heart-rending song Tears which Robert Owen, with his achingly poignant vocals, serenaded club-land since its release in 1998, moving us to sorrow amidst its beauty.


Tears is a story of deep emotional turmoil associated with Tainted love, the dark side of ordinary love with its emotional and spiritual fatalism that traps the individuals it possesses; the element of unrequited love underpinning this song. And perhaps even forbidden love, if viewed through the secrecy and duplicity of the relationship that Tears narrates.  Continue reading “Tears Deconstructed (Robert Owen)”

A Parody of CERN – A Journey Beyond Perfection A Perspective of a Romantic Egoist

“Nature Loves to Hide”
(Heraclitus of Ephesus)

He told his story to a hungry crowd, who, enraptured by his soaring account of a Raven, were worshiping him like some sort of deity, beyond human adoration. And this he had recognised as a sign, obviously reaching his peak. With an air of well-merited smugness, he was thinking that his elevation was not a quantum bit below his station. And being an opportune fellow, acutely sensitive to time, and a man of action, he was thus resolving to scale yet higher summits, setting his goal beyond the perfection he ultimately sought.

He was, you see, hungrier than all his audiences combined. In fact, he was avaricious for heights. Knowing that Time had come to propel him farther on than perfection, and that Time, being Nature, was hiding in a Swiss ravine waiting for him to seek her out, expecting, as usual, to find it exactly where he had thought it when playing hide and seek with it. Continue reading “A Parody of CERN – A Journey Beyond Perfection A Perspective of a Romantic Egoist”

Swim with Me

Swim with me, the
Seething mass of time.
Swim, the ocean’s foaming steed,
Ferociously broken at peak.

Swim with me,
Dawn’s swollen curves,
Meandering in dripping dew’s
Translucent pearls.

Plunge, the pit-black of life,
The inky-blue night sky,
Dares not illustrate, 
Once day has fed
On honey dew and illicit roux.

Swim with me,
The bubble of extinction,
Decay’s constant creation,
Taunting death by life’s seduction.

Swim with me
Adam’s rib,
Formulating woman’s lib.
Swim, the arc of Time,
Fleshing and withering the olive branch,
Recoiling on Syria and Lebanon’s
Ebony ground.

Swim with me….


Great Gatsby and My Nautical Story

two piece
Pleated Nautical

THE GREAT GATSBY and my Pleated Nautical Story – I had a vivid dream, on the pleated crest of waves, in the Caspian ocean, Jay Gatsby materialised, wearing a Panama and smoking a Havana, undulating to Glen Miller’s band. He seemed, as if, he were, a capricious allusion, a dream outside a dream, a blurry, but captivating impression swinging in the misty ocean’s mass. Obscured, now and then, by his, hazy, cigar, fumes that were densely forming an evavescent fog, seemingly carrying him beyond the horizon’s edge.