Robot Rights: Law, Artificial Intelligence and Humans

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 A Preliminary Analysis on the nature of media reports.


By Lily Von Valley

In 2015, EU CIVIL LAW RULES IN ROBOTICS (CLRR) opened and closed a Vote on granting Robots Legal Status, “Electronic Persons”, viewing ‘Machines’ as ‘Persons’ for the first time. Continue reading “Robot Rights: Law, Artificial Intelligence and Humans”

On Inverted Friendships: Revisions and Decisions – A Questionable Overview?

My Definition of Friendship is, in short: Inducing Pleasure, Expelling Pain, and Developing Trust – Summed up in a Pleasing Costume.

Friendship’s definition may be subjective, but the general defining elements are true of the majority’s meaning. A recap of those interesting points below are in the first category. The rest are personal impressions.  

 On Inverted Friendship. 

Continue reading “On Inverted Friendships: Revisions and Decisions – A Questionable Overview?”

Is the Moroccan Traditional Costume under Threat by the Burqa?

Is the Rise of the Burqa Threatening the Traditional Dress of Morocco: A Personal Journey. Part one:

In 2003, I saw the Burqa emerging in Morocco. It’s visibility in Casablanca, Rabat, Sale, Kasar Kabir, and in Tangier trickled down to asilah. The trend grew, and began to, as I saw it encroach on the national costume, and impact attitudes at the same time.

The Burqa seemed then, and still does now, to me, very odd and foreign to Morocco’s environment due to its unfamiliarity there. How, this strange and allian garment, the Burqa, without ever having had any previous links with Morocco, or its fashion was surfacing in the local communities, and in private wardrobes, I couldn’t quite work out, and it kept me musing, for a while.

It troubled me, to see a female covered from head to foot, in such a way, with such a horrible garment. Cloaking, totally, her face and body from view, as she moved silently through Souks and Medinas – sometimes, the fabric draping and sweeping along, on the floor .

The Burqas were black, austere, and bland. Even threatening, but were by far exceptionally distant from the vibrancy of colour, to which the Moroccans, or I, had been accustomed. And I didn’t find them attractive in the least, which by now, you’ve pretty much gathered. Continue reading “Is the Moroccan Traditional Costume under Threat by the Burqa?”

Teena Maria – 80s Goddess

 Portugese Love. Simple stunning –

This classic song deserves a listen – just press the link above – Let me know your thoughts!

Lady T

Photo from: Remembering Teena Marie,
In a 1985 profile in People Magazine, the late Rick James called Teena Marie “the most important White female singer since Barbara Streisand;..” To read the article:  b, by Mark Anthony Neal.

I come back to this song over and over again, and like great art, it never losses its appeal or beauty but offers more depth every time I revisit it.  

Dress Making, Pattern Cutting – A Noble Art

Dress Making in Canterbury


Dress makers, Pattern Cutters, Designers, and Textile Designers (et al) are people with nimble fingers and agile minds. Transforming visions into innovative stories. Spoken through a combination of style with quality. They are equipped, with a certain expertise, monumental perseverance, and plenty of patience. Remaining unmatched by the several professions, so are beyond their measure. In today’s buzz word, you can but, describe them as Creators,  constructing ideas into beautiful, and functional objects.


Often, they were understated, and derided for years, through the portrayal of derogatory, and negative labels, which summed them up, and their profession, in a charechitured light:  The Dress maker, as the ‘frail little old lady, bent over a Singer sewing machine, – and the tailor, ‘the frail little old man, with measuring tape around his neck, wearing round glasses, and a balding head’. – I’m not going to mention the spinster on the spindle, spinning yarn.

But now, they are rightfully hailed as Icons, and an inspiration to all. Their cloths, a figure of dreams and are a desire to wear, of many. But regretfully to most, they are out of the general’s reach. And what’s comforting many, and the likes of me is knowing that the  rightful recognition of their status, is in the Title that has finally acknowledged the talented creators and constructers that they are. A view, which the mojarity have awoken to, and about which I am particularly happy. All that’s left to do is, superimpose that dead withering label , the ‘…little old lady……’ with The Seamstress, and  the ‘…..little old man’ with, the Master Tailor, removing it for ever from total view.  Better fitting, I think. Even though in essence, a label remains unattractive. In this case, at least it’s positive, and I like the names.

Kaftan Sensuality v Gothic SublimityKaftan Sensuality v Gothic SublimityPhototastic-24_03_2016_1233d1af-7a45-4067-96c7-fcee93c9b17b

On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?

“My God, I would not long to see
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes arise”

The above quote from A Sermon No.2330 illustrates, perfectly, the general indifference to, and the denial of free will. Resulting in widespread ennui, and the unwillingness to act without bearing any responsibility. Such as that, which is, justified by ‘fate’, and which is the polar opposite of personal freedom and taking control of one’s life. Continue reading “On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?”

I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.

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Many thanks to Beparvah for the consideration of this award, and for nominating me. I am thrilled, to say the least.

Firstly I’d like to mention how much I have enjoyed reading his posts, which contain various layers of meaning that capture a deep mental, and emotional anguish. In particular, they give expression to, with ease, the intensity that had created them; and, which is the depth that drew me in. His work has a quality that takes you into the various and unbound recesses of a deeper interior; in its state of loss; and in the experience of gain; and in the hope found; which are balanced between despairing moments of darkness, contrasted with essential illuminations that Beparvah distinctly portrays in his narrative. Continue reading “I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.”