On the Sensual – The power of the Senses.

The Sensual
When I speak of the sensual, I’m not referring to the gratification of sexual pleasure. I’m talking about the power of the inner senses to tune into thoughts and feelings, mood and atmosphere.

I am interested in finding out more about our capacity to sense the things that make us feel uncomfortable. Particularly, in the relationship with our friends, families, and loved ones. There’s also that initial feeling of unease that might arise when people come into contact with each others. For the first time , or not. When they might sense something, but it results in a perception missed. Or, was consciously or, subconsciously pushed aside, and ignored for several reasons. You’ve heard the expressions, “Oh, I’m being paranoid again”; “I knew it: my intuition was right! But I didn’t take any notice…”. It may well ring a bell!

The inner-senses are five qualities – intuition, imagination, insight, instinct and inspiration. People experience them in varying levels of intensity, and sensitivity. As translated from their subjective experience, and formed from their personal impressions. Thoughts, and feelings would inevitably differ, even towards the same thing or incident. It is the concoction of the senses that produces the variety.  As is, the case of, “i saw it differently from you”, or, “it’s as clear as daylight, but not to others” .

My interest lies in interpersonal relationships, and how our senses inform them. That is, what and how, we perceive things, and how those things communicate with/in us. And how they play out in our, interaction with people/friends/family/etc? Especially those negative signals we pick up, and which we repeatedly dismiss. Only to be confronted later on possibly with more challenging difficulties. An inability to understand or act, at the point when our senses provide insight, is what I want to examine further. If we picked up something, why did we not act? Or in the case of you’d sensed something but didn’t quite grasp it (or didn’t want to..?) at that time. But later when it resurfaces…well   –  “I knew….It felt wrong!”  “I’ll have to put it right, now!”. Most people would identify with that. Are we disconnected with our inner being or, not assertive or, are we just simply afraid to act?

I’d love to hear what you think, and your comments. I’d love to also read some of your experiences and stories. I’ll be sharing some of my stories, and experiences with you, over the course of time, Your experience and stories are important, too. So go ahead, share something!

Reflections:  Reflection



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