Encounters: 1. Encounters with a Burglar.

my art


Story No: 1: Encounter with a Burglar

A burglar stood at the bedside of a woman, and was gently tapping her on the shoulder saying, ” get up darling, you are being burgled”. She was awakening to a stranger’s voice, and before she could think, she found herself jumping out of the bed, and screaming at the top of her voice, running as fast as she could, down the stairs, and out of the house.

She arrived at her neighbour’s house, utterly hysterical. They immediately telephoned the police, who arrived to find that the burglar was still in the house.

She told her neighbours that on the previous night she had dreamt of the very same encounter with the burglar, and had thought, at first, on the night of the incident  that it was the continuation of the dream


(A true story)



  1. Thanks for reading my blog, including part 4 of the Skywalker story. I hope you liked and enjoy the other previous 3 episodes. I welcome your reaction and suggestions. I enjoyed your Microsoft story, and your artistic posts. You have a detailed style that is feels middle eastern to me that I like.

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    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the Microsoft story. If you like the Middle Eastern element you might like Beauty and a Comely Look part in my The Skies, which is v. V. Short, q then half a page. Do let me know your thoughts if you decide to read. I shall definitely revisit your Skywalker and read the other parts.

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