1. I’ve always found the interacting through games fascinating since I don’t do it myself. It’s like watching something alien, foreign at least, and this picture reinforces my feeling. Why do people play games? Children, yes, but adults?

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      1. I was just walking by in deep thought when I saw your door was ajar, the light emanating from inside was muted and someone was playing a violin. I took it as an invitation. I was looking for something, actually. Now I can’t remember but it doesn’t matter. And I came away, nether sadder nor happier, but perhaps wiser. And what did it cost?

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      2. Regarding life’s play: I’m sure it’s some or all of the reasons you state. But me, I like the “why” question, not because it has an answer, but because it makes me think; makes me wonder, speculate, travel the cosmos in search of alternatives… that bring me back to the “why” again and again. I know you like the psychoanalysis stuff – I’ve wandered through your fields and forests, and so I ask (you need not answer, this is mostly rhetorical) why do people feel the NEED to engage in those things. Life is so short, why escapism? It’s in your face reality, why seek distraction? Why the pretense in dressing up? Why the need to compete against another? Why seek gain in a finite environment and finite conditions? Is it a sign of species immaturity? Weakness? Irresponsibility? Frustration with the reality that humankind has created for itself, unable to change it so it would be more in keeping with what one would feel comfortable with, or in? The main question, why engage in games or sports that are circular in design; that cannot take you out of the arena where the action is taking place; encircled by rules, bounds, boards, markers and usually spectators who also are bound in their expectations since nothing new can ever take place. To me games demonstrate how deeply dissatisfied people are with “the way things are” but how committed they are to keeping to the status quo rather than try to change it.

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  2. ‘Why’ is good, and I like it too,. A Rhetorical ‘why’, an inherent contradiction in its requirement element – a very interesting device rhetoric.
    I love your flow of ideas, living thoughts without expectation of a response . Thanks for wondering in my forest.
    Ps. this is not a response but a reaction. {{{-)

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