Persian Miniture2

Back to the Persians -Miniature: 
Representing Nature entwined with Heaven, which is all compassing. The flute and mist metaphorically suggest an exalted and Heavenly Order, enveloping the pair. A young man plays the flute to a swooning maiden, enthralled by the musical notes that are intoxicating her, while an ethereal mist appears to be moving over the man’s head towards the female’s, where it settles. The swirling plants have been aroused by the same Lofty cadence of the flute, also, touched by the mist. The gathered Leafs at the maidens feet indicate a kind of grandeur and the Natural Order. The piece is an example of Harmony or Heaven, conveyed through the multi-elements in the composition, existing deep in Nature,in a state of transcendence . (He looks like Prince, don’t you think?)



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