Decadent; Wildean Flowers: A Monstrously Sized Trumpet-Head, Lily-Like bloom.

Garden angels-trumpets-floral-art-by-betty-cummings-betty-cummings

I love this flower. It grows on a tree, not a bush or stem. The trumpet like flower, with its slender body and gigantic head dangles like a chandelier; of which, are plenty.  As some are dying, others, emerging.

There are two variations of tree,  only slightly noticeable, in their leaves, but are quite apparent in the two sorts of flower they produce. One, as seen above. The other, is slightly shorter with a voluminous inner layer that forms as, a flower within a flower.

The colour is Jasmine, Magnolia, and a Lily of the Valley-ish  sort of shade, and its scent, a combination of all the three perfumes together fused.

The tree is in bloom most of the year, spurting it’s fragrance and attracting lovers gathering under its canopy, for amorousness photographic shots. Well, at least that is what they did, when I had planted two of them outside my home. Sometime back.

I am currently growing a small cutting that I came across, by the prospect of good fortune.  It has rooted itself well and is growing steadily, but is being attacked by parasites. I am trying to figure out how to save it. So far, have placed a transparent sheet over it, and many piercings to allow it oxygen, and moving it indoors over night.

This tree grows and blooms pretty quickly. So if your looking for instant gratification, in the plant world, this is it. Even when it is still young it sports a full bloom – fancy that – and is laden with the exquisitely scented trumpet like flowers for which Oscar Wilde would have loved to die. . .. .

Art: from:Garden angels-trumpets-floral-art-by-betty-cummings-betty-cummings


Persian Miniture2                       Asilah: Art Festival             Aviary Photo_131040727078126941My Sisters and I

A Study of a Flowerflower my illustration edited with name WP_20160319_15_32_53_Pro (1) a poem, showing the vairiation in the two flowers.

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