1. many thanks. I had a production company before, and produced club and street wear through out the 90s….I learned much from working with the pattern cutters and the professionals…I wasn’t skilled but developed what little I had. – tho plenty of dreams and motivation!. Those days seem so surreal now…

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      1. Robert, fresh is good!
        A compliment indeed. You must be on the other spectrum of age? ps. if you have time, read my The Skies, and let me know your opinion…..it’ll be valued. EST of rereading about 10 mins’. and note, the first part isn’t saying much -(could it be a deterrent?), but it really takes flight from there. let me have your thoughts. My intention is to change more of it, especially, considering when Shakespearean language is used and fot what reason – though I already know the reason. Let me know your favorite part. I personally think the concept of structuring an building from the ‘Lustre of Jewels’ is totally innovative in Architecture, and Literature. what do you think??

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      2. You mean like Brighton, Bournemouth, Worthing – that sort of coast? Or maybe the West Coast as in part of the US. Your name has me … thinking of Germanic-ness too.
        Londoner huh – well who’d have though it! 🙂

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  1. Robert, I’m still navigating this site, so bare with me.
    About your name, it’s a very interesting one. You really can pass away the hours creating sentences and phrases. Ps, just stopped by your Sound Cloud. Were you singing ‘Aint no SunShine….’?
    Your v. talented. A star, I was right!


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