1. Lily, we love you at Gastradamus. You can really bring something to this so called life we live in. Great design, just stimulating. We need beautiful people like you with drive to review a few of our stories at Gastradamus, would mean a lot if we could hear your opinion

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    1. ooh, I’m flattered. I might not be the best at this, because I have certain difficulties in writing, which is needed for expression, but in terms of review I believe I have the skills to offer unbiased and constructive criticism. But I would need to know more, in order to evaluate time, effort and if I can commit. Thank you

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      1. I don’t think so, I did really like your comment about Prince, very special. My other stories are a little more edgy, but I think it would be up your ally. Would really appreciate more of your reviews. The word at Gastradamus is already taking off, people love you, they think you write with beauty. I’m going to spread the word about your dresses, please if you can spread the word about Gastradamus. This could be the beginning of something very special

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  2. So sorry to do this, Lily – but I must.
    Summary: a brief statement or account of the main points of something.
    Summery: an adjective used to describe things that are of, relating to, or evocative of summer.
    Words are important to me – that’s my only defence. 🙂

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    1. Wow. Just before reading your comment, I looked up summery and have replaced it with summary. Please don’t be sorry. You must do this. I invite constructive criticism. My work is fraught with mistakes and inaccuracies. My strengths are not in writing but I’m working, hard, to improving them.

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      1. No – it appears that ‘summery’ was the word I did intended to use, and which I had originally used. Last night I had one of those moments that entered my mind, in which I had an intense feeling that I’d misspelt ‘summery’. When I looked it up in the dictionary, the first thing I read was that the spelling was a common mistake – so, I changed it immediately. Having seen your comment and the ‘sorry’ bit, I was convinced that I had used the wrong word. Ironically both the words would have been OK, but where it says, ‘something summery ….’ eliminates the use of ‘summary’. Did you apologise for the submission of your definitions? Please don’t feel you have to, and I in turn should read more closely. :-}

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