Death by Microsoft, Windows 10, Update


Death by Microsoft Windows 10, update.Micro soft windows 10

 Exhibit N0: 1

One dead Lap Top.

Exhibit No:2:

The Notification: (read out), “update in progress“.

Circumstances Surrounding the Facts:
Time of Crime: 12:am. At the strike of the mid-night hour,

Windows 10 update, was imposed on the complainant’s PC, namely Ms LILY VON VALLEY, without any due Notice, to the detriment of her work and the death of her computer. It was, during the attempt to switch it off  that an ‘automatic’ update started taking place, which MS VALLEY had then first noticed. Describing it, as a violation that trespassed her permission’s settings, with the process taking a great length of time – In fact, it was still in ‘progress’ the next day – the Complainant fell into a slumber, but without meaning to, while waiting for the update to complete. Waking up after an hour, or, there abouts. Glancing, at her PC, between a state of sleep and waking, slowly becoming aware that her, dear, little lap top, had died immortalised in a Window’s frame, dark and lifeless. Failing to open, or flash its, little green and orange eyes, ever since they had closed, and it remained muted, neither bleeping nor beeping, since the update began.


Does this not constitute an act of murder, and should MicroSoft Software take responsibly, for that act?

How do you Plead Mr MICROSOFT?
 Not Guilty, Your Honour 
Verdict of the Jury:    Guilty.
Sentencing Speech:
MR MICROSOFT,  you have been convicted of an electrifying crime. You , knowingly, and without regard, towards either MS LILY VON VALLEY or her laptop, did impose upon the two, a Windows’s 10 software update, which according to the Techopsy Report, had directly affected death to, the said property. MR MICROSOFT, this Court finds you, thus, guilty of Death By Microsoft.
You have acted recklessly and exhibited gross negligence, by trespassing the property of another, enforcing a deadly strain of software, without due diligence but, with stark ignorance of the boundaries, which the Law does not, and must not condone, you did impose an automatic update breaking the security barriers.
I, therefore, sentence you, to:
1) replace Ms Lily Von Valley’s lifeless PC with another living one, in less than 24hrs. In the choice of her specifications.
2) Provide a service to MS LILY VON VALLEY, whereby, resting upon you personally to attend her property (none of this remote business, or sending your personnel), as, and when, she calls, to remedy any future ailments, viruses, freezes, breakdowns or such like computer deficiencies, whether associated with the crimes of your conviction or not, for it will serve to heighten remorse and as well as reflection.
3)Sentence length:  10 years.
4)Conditions: without reprieve or appeal.
 Order Order – the Court wishes to clarify that, you have the right to Appeal, but in the case that you should, the Court will exert it’s right of discretion and withhold from you that right, under the Universal Law of Moral Acts, Clause: 2:3 ‘Eye for an Eye’, in The Book of The Law.
Case Closed.


  1. I enjoyed reading up on the case. Glad Micro “Soft” got nailed for 10 years, no parole, no right of appeal. Great “case closed.” And yes, that would be extremely frustrating. I have always run two computers (now one lap, one netbook) one on permanent back-up with same operating systems, lots of security and blocks, updates by permission, etc. and I run “Malwarebytes” as well as Microsoft security essentials and of course CCleaner. I chose a while back not to upgrade to 10. I like Windows 7 Pro and as long as they’re supporting it, no problem there. Viruses? Never heard of that… 🙂 Just kiddin’. However I know lots of people running on Win 10 and very happy with it, so whatever happened to your machine, something “else” slipped in there during the download. What did the techie wizards have to say, assuming that’s how you got up and running again?

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  2. Not too long ago , my blogger buddy Bun Karyudo posted about his experience updating his OS to El Capitan . Unfortunately he did not press charges against Apple , who knows what he might have received in damages

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  3. I really like the structure of this article, pretty clever. Havnt been able to post as much as we would like at Gastradamus, but we’d like your opinion heard on the new story “An Inconvenient Wizz”. The way you made the Microsoft update look like a crime was genius.

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  5. Excellent post! My laptop started to try doing the update since last August but I was unaware of it at the time. Finally I decided I was going to take the plunge and update…so on my first attempt my computer was running what I thought was the download for 2 days…I stopped it. Tried again, after 1 day this time, I stopped it…then I went to google and learned a few things. Even though Microsoft said my laptop was all set to do the download there were a couple of things it did not mention, for instance my Norton had to have the most recent update…I thought it did but apparently not, and there was a file on my laptop that was preventing the download, it was a music software app, so I removed that and voila the download happened. All I got the first two times was that silly circle of dots going around and around and around…that’s not the download screen. When it actually did start the real download up came that installation bar showing it’s progress. Now my laptop is running wifi so it took several hours but it did work. I’m so sorry Windows 10 killed your laptop…what an inconvenience! UGH!!

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    1. thanks for visiting, and for your comment. I find computers complex and they scare me! I know I must learn about software, fixing and updating, and all that….trying to overcome the phobia, right now. Gosh, your experience with the update took ages, and you sound like you have a bit of a technician in you. Glad you managed to solve the problems it presented.

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      1. I have a very teeny tiny bit of tech in me….thank goodness for google!! My brother builds computers so he’s a great resource too!! I go to him all the time. 😉

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  6. I hate it when they try to impose updates on me! Wherever possible I de-activate the automatic update feature – updates on my laptop only happen when I choose! 🙂 But it does not always work. Hope you got your laptop replaced by now (although I doubt Microsoft accepted your verdict and speed-delivered an new one… 😉 )

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    1. Me too. my setting are supposed to seek my permission before ‘any’ updates take place… No such choices her at all… actually I have another computer I’m using, and a friend has built another laptop for me, which I’ll pick up soon. Unfortunately the murder was real, and the little pc remains dead! hey and thank you for visiting, and for your comment.


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