On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?

“My God, I would not long to see
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes arise”

The above quote from A Sermon No.2330 illustrates, perfectly, the general indifference to the denial of free will. Resulting in widespread ennui, and the unwillingness to act without bearing any responsibility, but justifying through ‘fate’, which is the polar opposite of personal freedom and taking control of one’s life.

Clearly, the concept of ‘pre determination’ (or ‘pre-destination’) limits choice while serving the elimination of free will, instead of its liberation, taking away the establishment of one’s true destiny, the will to choose it, and the involvement in the creation of the future as it radiates from within.

The concept aids a person, only, in  helplessness and from partaking in the creative process of life. That, they could have fully determined, in the way that they would have imagined, in time. But instead, ‘fate’ raises a disability which clogs up the dynamics of forward thinking or action, but facilitates social and personal immobility and disfunctionality.

Because the concept stipulates that destiny has, already, been scripted,  set and cast, without  participants having had a say, or the ability to alter or unfix it, is an idea with which I’ve come to absolutely disagree, on the basis that we are more than just programmed automatons lacking autonomy, or beings under mind control having our will power removed.

A line of thinking, which I’m mulling over, assumes exactly the opposite that we have free will and we are in fact the authors of our own ‘destiny’. Surprisingly, this is writ large and is specifically suggested in all the major religious texts, but  has been, and still is sorely misunderstood due to the misinterpretations and their canonisation.

Hypothetically speaking:

Consider the idea of Time being ‘projected’ into the future, and there being the scope (omnipresence/God/who ever you think the creator is) to see the occurring events in that time line, which is yet to come.

Now, imagine that a ‘record’ is held of those future ‘actions’ which could have been essentially made through ‘personal choice’, having already occurred in that future time.

The record may (or may not) be determined by ‘free will’, but in this example we’re assuming that it is, and entitled Destiny, which is not limiting the person to its content, as the notion has it: What gloomy lines are writ for me, Or what bright scenes arise.

The ‘record’ of those specific events would then translate to what we currently understand as ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’. But, unlike their normal restrictive ideas, the record would give predetermination/predestination/fate and destiny a different meaning, an amplitude of freedom within its scope.

Generally, religious interpretations prefix destiny by fixing the future and removing free will, which should not be the case. In the Torah, and Old Testament, at Mount Sinai, where Moses and the Israelites amassed, before God, who held the seeds of Adam (past and future) were ‘chosen’to bear witness to Him, and ‘their’ future, (Mankind’s). He SAW, and their future was written, e.g recorded. In the Quran, The Covenant of Alaast also echoes the same scenario.  God saw mankind’s future,whether he willed it for them in that way isn’t mentioned. We assume that their future included the actions of their own ‘choosing’ which culminated in the book of destiny. It seems evident to me that free will in those future instances was a relative component, because it’s not suggested otherwise, anywhere. Yet, custodians of the human Will grossly continue to misrepresent the point, while caring even less for it – ‘it’ being freewill.

Destiny should not be entangled with the generally perceived and accepted concepts of pre- destined or pre- determined, meaning a lack of choice in any given process, even in thinking: “All my times are in thy hand,
All events at thy command”?
  Destiny is a bounty of choice. 

An after thought: Destiny,  in  those texts, becomes the past, but in accordance with its general conception, it  paradoxically implies the future – if this is the case we are truly starting from a point in the past, and are ‘willing’ to do so.  What do you think?

All quotes from:

A Sermon:

A Sermon”My God, I would not long to see
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes arise”

(No. 2330)
Intended for Reading on Lord’s-Day, October 15th, 1893,
Delivered By
At the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington
On Thursday Evening, August 29th, 1889.ud ndaisesn


  1. You know, in saying that “We come from dreams,” we’re not kidding. In one of our recent posts I went over all of this and I made the point that dreams are not something that go on inside of our heads, rather, this ‘reality’ is a projection from our dreams; and in subsequent discussion with Sha’Tara, we agree that this is subject to change without notice. Those who lock themselves in to pre-destination and a lack of free will are damning themselves and perpetuating the horror. None for us, thanks!

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  2. Having spent 20 years experimenting with various aspects of “life not as we know it” but as it expresses in timeless infinity, the questions you present are academic. What I learned, never to be forgotten, is that we are all creatures of free will and free determination. However in this one of uncountable “fallen” worlds, i.e., worlds, galaxies and unviverses fallen under the dominion and domination of anti-life authorities The Teachers called Time Lords (inventors of time), sentient life is as fallen as its controllers and has accepted time as part of nature; as a real concept. It is however a totally artificial imposition and once an individual realizes this, the questions posed in the above “sermon” only serve to bring a smile. The problem for all pathocrats (controllers of sentient life) is free will and self-determination through individual self empowerment. If Earthians discovered en masse that they don’t need bosses, leaders, preachers, teachers, healers and various types of slave drivers who demand blood in exchange for lies, the pathocrats could not maintain their System. So long ago they invented the death machinery. Every evil known to man can be sourced back to that great and unnatural evil. We need to start imagining, and imaging a world without death and we will then discover that by eliminating the control element called time, death becomes meaningless, pointless and is allowed to “die” as in, “Death, thou shalt die!”

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    1. Hellosha’Tara,many thanks for your valid and most interesting contribution. I love the poem from which you quote ‘Holy Sonnet X’
      by John Donne: “Death, be not proud, though some have called thee
      Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;
      For those whom thou thinkst thou dost overthrow
      Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
      From rest and sleep, which but thy pictures be
      Much pleasure; then from thee much more must flow
      And soonest our best men with thee do go
      Rest of their bones and soul’s delivery.
      Thou art slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men,
      And dost with poison, war, and sickness dwell,
      And poppies or charms can make us sleep as well
      And better than thy stroke. Why swellst thou then?
      One short sleep past, we wake eternally,
      And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die!”

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  3. I took a Boy Scout God and Country back when dinosaurs wre making gas. My parents’ went to a Presbyterian church. I had no idea, I just went, drank strawberry soda in the basement every Sunday, done. I sat through that award and when I heard all the pre-destination junk, found out what they believed I went home and said “I’m not going back. Done. I’ll get my award, but no way am I buying that.”

    My point is how many people really now what their belief system is built on?

    Dreams are as real as “this.” Believe that. Because what’s in your head is in there, and where it takes you has cosmic GPS presets.

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    1. your point is fully justified, because I don’t think people are knowledgeable or critical at best towards their belief system and what it’s built upon, and in my experience they don’t care to know…for, for them an impenetrable truth appears there, the foundation of it all. But, In fact, I think that they have a deeper subconscious knowledge of what and how it was formed. Yet, even when their system breaks before their v. eyes during their very life, they still hold steadfast in the same belief, while actuality differs, as time shows the contradictions and anomalies of the system….
      Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


  4. I believe in free will. I feel there are promptings, nudges and plans made by a greater and wiser power or powers, based on our desires as well as our best interests, but we always have a choice. We were made to make choices, to question and to reason as you have done so well in this post.

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    1. thanks so much for your thoughts, and feed back. like you, I sense that there is a greater and wiser power, it’s an innate conviction, which the intellect does not contradict, and somehow, all around us everything points to this. Free will seems capricious in nature, – according to the customs and beliefs belonging to any of the diverse beliefs of this world – this fact alone should support the very idea of free will, and its meaning which rests in choice, as you rightly put it. Where it loses its meaning is in the removal of choice from the individual by the collective group/Law/ or interpretations of morality, or other persons….


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