1. It could be. It looked like that to me too,with dust collecting, but on closer inspection it started to look like the photos of morgellons (disease) that I’ve been seeing and reading about. I rather like to think it’s spider silk, it makes me feel better. Thank you for your comment.


    2. I’ve seen it first hand and its so easy to dismiss at spider silk, cloth, etc… its only after you gather a few samples and do your own examination under a microscope that you begin to see the ugly reality. What would get me, where the spontaneous appearance of what appears to be small pieces of glitter. Naturally when the light reflected at the right angle it would catch my attention, but I knew I had not been around glitter all day. After gathering some of these examples I was astonished at what I discovered. There were small little bitty what appears to be machined parts, intricate, and I have no idea where or why.. but appears to be manufactured. The problem with investigation this type of stuff, is that it begins to consume your world, and transforms it into a dark dark place. I began to concentrate a majority of my time on what the enemy was doing, instead of what God was doing, which only further exacerbated my situation. I wanted to help the world, and then I felt God say, you cannot change this… this is destined to occur, We now can only see in partial, and let me tell you.. i dont think I want to see in full the awful ugliness of what men and spiritual beings are capable of. ~JM

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      1. How right you are, in all that you say, investigation merely opens up the horror that is at work which goes largely unnoticed. And the moment you attempt to make certain what you see, understand it, and see it for it is, it starts to ‘consume your world, and transforms it into a dark place’, is completely, as an accurate reflection as possibly can be. Thank you so much for your comment. Glad that you have found a positive resignation in God. I would agree with you also on the destiny bit. I came to the same conclusion that man’s inevitable demise would come from his own creation, through which ever method!

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      2. Thank you Lily for spreading the light. I really enjoyed your comment. You words flow with a refined grace. So much is out there, the more I learn the more I realize anything is possible and how little I know in comparison to all that I don’t. Back to your comment, the law of vibration is very real. Whatever it is we decide to focus on, we manifest into our reality. I only have a small minute understanding of the capability of the brain, but in my life I have been able to do, sense and witness some extraordinary things. One major thing to always remember is that our enemies understand this potent unrealized power of the brain. They aim to divert our focus on to their agenda, because they realize by doing so we become victims and that places us under their circumstance instead of focusing on what our God is doing which provides us overwhelming victory and places us on top of any and all circumstances. Amen and Glory be to the Creator.

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      3. Thanks so much. It means a lot, I constantly battle with language, esp’ written.

        In these times, corruptive current influences are plenty on many levels, as you would know. One is, the ‘hate’ being administered in society. and yes, you can’t help but notice the appropriation of “This potent unrealized power of the brain”,( nervous system, DNA, electromagnetic; the entire communication’s network) used in possible social subversion/benefit. Combined with other (biological) additions and omissions, the journey is set in motion, and the change will be great.

        Focus, in these times, is undeniably tough. It would, certainly, require grounded insight to deliberate the mire and “circumstance”, and perhaps a collective effort to make the needed change. But first, on the withdrawal of the self from that “dark place” ( ref’ fr’ your 1st previous comment), yes, I do see how its manifestation can, even, in a microcosm self world, be detrimental ( even thinking it!)

        What’s overwhelming, sometimes, is the contemplation that that is really going on.

        So partial remedy could be “drop the thought”, and/or a conviction of faith – how ever it may be. :-) . Remembering that there are many more remedies out there, some revelationary in kind

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      4. May you and I together contine right along with all our faithful brothers and sisters, both mortal and immortal , may we continue progressing forward collectively in all aspects of our lives, in order to continue disseminating with great inner joy the riches of knowledge that have been afforded us through the kind grace of others which originates through none other than Christ Himself. This is my wish today. That you abound in followers, and that you arise in vision, strength, understanding and discernment. May God shine down upon both of us today and may His smile radiate onto us a everlasting reward of triumphant victory. AMEN.

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      5. Lily, you have made me smile at a time where I needed a refreshing breath of fresh air. Thank you. Please check out ‘what makes you feel most alive’ its a copy of Petrarch’s “Inner Secretum”. He was born and in 1304. When I first encountered this piece I was captivated by his method of writing. I stumbled upon it yesterday, re-read it and was not so enthralled, however, I thought it to share with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and cant wait to read your reply, if youd be so gracious.

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    1. It does look like that – some think its artificial culture from the fibres and nano bits sprayed from the chemtrails. It does look weird though? By the way, I’m having problems accessing your site. when I press on your profile I always get the gravatar photo and nothing else. Please include your website address. thanks for your comment and visiting. 🙂

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      1. That’s ok, if you don’t have much on your gravatar, but I just wanted to visit your site, and also to return the courtesy, since you’ve been around for some time, and I am happy that you take the time to visit my site. Much appreciated. Thank you

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  1. They remind me of the floaters that are becoming more prevalent in my eyes, except that my eye floaters are blurry and these images are clear. The shapes and light are interesting. They make me think about a science fiction story about the life of little life forms we don’t know exist. Must have been that E. T. comment. 🙂 I hope they are friendly.

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    1. I was quite surprised seeing how clear the photo turned out, because I took it from underneath, and wasn’t able to see what it looked like until I viewed it. Yes, it does look like something out of Sci fi, and how fascinating the things we don’t notice that are all around us, until we focus and bring them into view. Aah, Sorry about your floaters….. Thx for your comments.

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