On Inverted Friendships: Revisions and Decisions – A Questionable Overview?

My Definition of Friendship is, in short: Inducing Pleasure, Expelling Pain, and Developing Trust – Summed up in a Pleasing Costume.

Friendship’s definition may be subjective, but the general defining elements are true of the majority’s meaning. A recap of those interesting points below are in the first category. The rest are personal impressions.  

 On Inverted Friendship. 

Ooh! That Dress, I Want it!
  1. Finite respect, criticism, and thwarted praise, for most, kept the friendships alive!
  2. Warm smiles with love conveyed in scathing looks, but overtly veiled under charming ones, strengthened the bonds.
  3. Well wishes framing intended ills, effortlessly.  Esp’, when friend’s good fortune and good taste, they said, were in sight and grab’s reach – such as those lovely dresses, on the right worthwhile of the effort.
  4. Validate own opinions and expulsion of others’, in short, learning how NOT to criticise.                                                                                                                           Such are the joys of compromising😲  What is life if not a learning game, and putting in effort is the most crucial of all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         My personal ramblings continue below. Looking at aspects, otherwise, not brought to the light or given a spot above.

    The Bathos of Friendship: 

  1. Totting-up friendships’ worth – in ringing monitory terms!
  2.  Economical with your time – not your money, but their love!
  3. 3. Buvictorian-not-lady-illustration-green-dress-very-sweet-imagestress your fall with a cream, Lily-made, Log, given Christmas before, but brought back this Xmas, as preemptive Cranberry measure, to cushion the fall!
  4.  Buy you Peruvian (Arabica) coffee, Green with envy – the colour of natural beans prior to a good roasting, scorning the steam on the froth of your coffee!

 The Bad


  • Wake you up without aroma or cup of that freshly brewed Peruvian – Oh my flightless mornings, how to start day?!
  • Don’t bin Instant Coffee full of dust and no beans – settling badly dissolving friendships instantly, not needing the steam?
  • Blind to Deity and not Praising The Bean like they really should – what do you mean they say?! “Oh, Stop moaning and start singing”. The reply:-).

                     The Unforgivables 

    On this category it is hard to muster up any anything – “Period”!  Except for the below referencing traits, those who:

  • Drink cold instant coffee with Soya Beans for milk, out of an unwashed, stained, mug. YuK, not YuM to the mug!
  • Constantly attempt to ‘out-connect’ you, yet connect “nothing to nothing, on Margate Sands” leaving body image of The Wasteland behind – please decipher that, for me. Help!
  • Have a sexual/ gender identity crises, oriented around you!
  • Accuse you of blockage in their sexual fluidity!
  • Gender shifting finding respite in androgyny, when unsure of which to be.

The Darn right Ugly:

  • Who, hardly utilise friendship for gain.
  • Who, need you, only sometimes.
  • Who, bring you flowers, all the time.
  • Who, fight your cause (only yours) unnecessarily, every time.
  • Who persistently highlight your positive points, trashing humanity’s, by way of comparison.
  • To whom you are perfect, or, likened to that home-made Cranberry, Lily Von Valley, Christmas log, raising its fluffy head, once more. And over which, they secretly salivate – Umm! As I had always suspected,  frigging cannables!                                                                                    cakes-and-cramberry

Finally, the redefining note, on which to end this revision is, The Unforgivables who are above all, the most irredeemable category. They have, evidently, not yet, refined the art of Coffee drinking, and its appreciation. But there is hope in ‘yet’, and until then please hold back your Coffee cups!

After the New Year, and after all that Christmas merriment, cheer, romp and pomp. Heeding, the kindness and forgiveness espoused by the benevolent Spirit of Christmas, and which I wish and am careful not to disturb. Only then, those Unforgivables must go – Ve directament de la la puerta de la salda de la cucina ! (Excuse my French). Or else change their Coffee habits .

In conclusion, the learning point is that we all have to put up with things, only for awhile.


23 thoughts on “On Inverted Friendships: Revisions and Decisions – A Questionable Overview?

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this, my smile increased into laughter.. your such an amazing romantic. A typeo in Chrisgtmas, but what the hell it adds character. 😂👍🏽 Continue the creativity.. looking forward to so much more. 🙏🏽

    Liked by 2 people

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    1. Such a wonderful idea. Thanking you for making me a 2017 winner this year.

      Unfortunately I have seen this message,and therefore issued the deadlinexpulsion. but thanks for the consideration,

      It would interesting to know your winning selection criteria.


      1. You can have your gift. If you send a request -alozadea@Gmail. Com- (with: * Your full name * Your country * Your blog * The 3 paintings you like * The cause of your delay.


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