Remember Me.

A with Panama
              Remember me, when I’m alive ‘n’ kicking,

Dancing at the break of dawn.

Remember me, before the close of day        Skipping, at Sun’s peak, midday’s gaze,     Scorching, our faces, with, its, now, polluted flames. 

    The spraying of us all                                            And, the stars, even that far. 

Aluminium, back-shooting to the ground   Disseminating around. 

 Oh, those recidivist Goofs,                                                                                       Precipitating it all,                                                                                                            Indeed, whom, we call, the reckless Fools!

                                 I will remember you,

 The End 

                                    Remembering Christiana Rosette.


    1. Aah yes, Pre-Raphs and back to Nature, its as if they were prophetic and new of man’s demise in the hands of modernity and tech. They would be horrified to look at today’s ‘progress; You are a natural romantic at heart.xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lady Frau Berthe, Biult like a battleship. A face like lumpy dough. Always answers the doorbell with a pin! 🙂 🙂 :-;)……soooo funny. Something stops me from making remarks or like on your wonderfully funny page!!!!!!!! On it I’m an invisible force Shehan


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