Cinderella Will Go to The Ball

 by lily von valley 

Cinderella will go to the ball2


“Cinderella will go to The Ball!”

Thought the faeries deeply moved by sympathy, like none other time before, when seeing her treatment was more cruel and more despotic than they had imagined.

Summoning, immediately the Pixies and Elves South to The Enchanted Forest; swiftly plucking bouquets from the Light of Moon, gathering just enough flowers and returning before a blink.

The faeries stitched for Cinderella, in no time at all, the most beautiful dress glistening still the Moon’s luminescence that the flowers had earlier absorbed, fitting her so perfectly well.


Then leading to the carriage, Cinderella boarded a single most lustrous pearl. Deepening more in luster when passing her Step-Family, not noticing that on it, they had set their eyes, erroneously thinking it was The Moon, actually, carrying Cinderella to The Ball!

Cinderella will go to the ball2

And in the luster, was to them reflected, the Prince transforming to King, turning Cinderella his Queen; wearing a crown while placing a tiara upon her head, before taking her hand in his in marriage, and sealing her lips with a luscious, never ending regal KISS!  

In unison gushing out in despair… “AAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!  Letting out the loudest heart-wrenched scream ever omitted.

A sudden discordant accapella shattering a mysteriously serene night, mystifying the core of nocturnal creatures and lovers, thinking themselves under screeching assaults, scattering in different directions in fright of death!

The Step-Mother and-Sisters, catatonic with shock, in their minds enduring the lovers’ image refusing to evaporate, and were domed in their carriage, cursed in a loop witnessing the LOVERS-Prince and Cinderella QUEEN,- over and over again, until their death.

While Cinderella, Queen, and King were celebrating their wedding that they hadn’t noticed any guests were missing before Vowing Marriage until death did them part

                                       and they lived happily ever after.


                                     Cinderella’s dress, the stuff of Magic

The  End





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