The Vindication of Muslims – The Right Not to be Called Terrorists.

With terrorism set to explode, people need to be clear on what ‘hate’, ‘racism’ and ‘terrorism’ are, and whether the emotions fuelling ‘racism’ and ‘hate’ are actually borne out of the actions of ‘terrorism’ allegedly committed by Muslims to be factually correct in order to justify, or not, the reprehensible actions committed against them. For instance, calling Muslims ‘terrorists’ is not only defamation of character but a corruption of truth. As according to the OED, ‘terrorism’ is “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”, which is also, defining the misrepresentation of a Muslim’s character and their deeds which do NOT fit this misguided stereotypical social perspective in any way or form.
The accuracy of such points, the Muslims as those who are, in fact, the “civilians” AGAINST WHOM terrorism is BEING committed in addition to the use of “unlawful violence and intimidation…in the pursuit of political aims”, whether on their home, or, foreign soil –  An example, would insult the reader’s intelligence!

And it’s even harder to disagree when, the very thing exerting the ‘intimidation and violence’ against Muslims is that which is, also, inciting the local and global “hatred” invigorating “racism” against them and other targeted social groups.

Is it right then, that, Muslims should bear the erroneous label of ‘terrorists’ while, the REAL ‘terrorists’ and  aggressors go unchecked.



  1. Getting to where you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without a program. The same “groups” have been so factionalized they’re at war with each other. Not just Muslims, not just reliogions, not just colors.

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