Mass Depopulation = Syria

Mass depopulation = Syria

How can these raiders, these pirates, these killers just pick and choose which country, and people to destroy, displacing and vilifying them once surviving the genocide and the decimation of their nation, in which murder is justified as ‘collateral’ damage? A business term, which conducted under the pretense of defense and humanism, is being callously administered. And, those egging on their governors in the destruction of other nations and it’s people, are partaking in the crimes of racism/hatred/robbery, yet, who have the cheek to call innocent and traumatised people “terrorists”, but while or without realising that they are themselves, the terrorists, inciting the terror and affray because they love seeing the slaughter of innocent masses once breaching their borders, as theirs, of their souls’ and compassion, that have been demolished long before.


The Skies




  1. Got a glimpse of that the other day when Syrian families were attempting to contact relatives “back home.” Strange how “weird clothes” and “strange language” alienate people from each other when their concerns are the same. Collateral damage? Let’s appear destabilized and drive the price of oil up for a while. Junior needs a new yacht. Same old same old. Somebody gets richer, a lot people die.


  2. Hi Lily. I have studied the patterns and trends all my adult life. What I see, as you so correctly state here, was inevitable. Americans (and their clones such as Canadians) are not going to “get it” at all. Things are going to worsen in exponential terms. There is a simple reason for this. However well meant any sort of collective effort aimed at change, it will have no effect simply because these “demonstrators” are dummied-down consumers, have no understanding of what the term “morality” means and do not relate at all to the term self sacrifice for the greater good. Not even a revolution would succeed in today’s world bumbling along in moral turpitude, for any would-be revolutionary leader arising out of the muck would be worse, than what it would be displacing. These are but the beginnings of the collapse of capitalism, accompanied by the downfall of civilization. I am as certain of this as I am that I’ll press the “send” icon when I finish responding, like now.


    1. Only selfishness not selflessness, and we’re spiraling downwards, how could this be called progress?. You’re so right. So glad you pressed the button. I hope you’re well , sending love.x


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