A Parody of CERN – A Journey Beyond Perfection A Perspective of a Romantic Egoist

“Nature Loves to Hide”
(Heraclitus of Ephesus)

He told his story to a hungry crowd, who, enraptured by his soaring account of a Raven, were worshiping him like some sort of deity, beyond human adoration. And this he had recognised as a sign, obviously reaching his peak. With an air of well-merited smugness, he was thinking that his elevation was not a quantum bit below his station. And being an opportune fellow, acutely sensitive to time, and a man of action, he was thus resolving to scale yet higher summits, setting his goal beyond the perfection he ultimately sought.

He was, you see, hungrier than all his audiences combined. In fact, he was avaricious for heights. Knowing that Time had come to propel him farther on than perfection, and that Time, being Nature, was hiding in a Swiss ravine waiting for him to seek her out, expecting, as usual, to find it exactly where he had thought it when playing hide and seek with it.

He knew nature well, being a fellow who merged old sciences with the novel, alchemy with technology, natural philosophy with automation and automation with the cognitive sciences.

At only thirteen, having synthesised new worlds, he advanced into ‘other worldly’ disciplinary planes. Some referring to them to be the “Magic Sciences”, where, he’d harnessed energy and the machinery that aided his mastery of its spectrum. At twenty, once decoding and re-coding DNA, and unravelling RNA, he restructured them synthetically, later turning to the neural and nervous pathways. Now, at thirty, he was feeling amply endowed and tactically set from every angle for humanity’s greatest mission. And, as a bio-engineer-quantum physicist – etcetera, etcetera – he could detect complications when still virtually visible, editing them out.

Thus, he was fully equipped for his grandest leap, with only possibilities existing not failure fuelling him. Fancying himself as, some sort of an Architect, and the necessary glue unifying his universe beyond a perfect mass. Quietly revelling in the thought that no other had matched his scale or qualification yet but who could infinitely dream of such.

Just as he was absorbed in the ocean of his acclamation and the resounding waves of his forthcoming success, a fleeting raven intruded upon his fleeting thoughts with an impression of its broken leg, instantly wiping the self-satisfaction off his face. Distracting him briefly from his self-regard, which excluded everything and everyone, even his adoring crowds, who were the symptoms of his greatness, mere incidental facets confirming what he already knew. And as for the injured raven, a thing hideous in its crippled state, he swiftly and involuntarily diverted his attention from it owing to his intense loathing of deformity, avoiding a bout of febricity.

He was presenting his speech, “Augmented Humans Inheriting the Earth and Beyond”, on the outside, his chosen location, or so he had thought, selecting it precisely for its aptness and beauty. Seeing that the majestic pines surrounding Mont Blanc’s peak and the prostrate ferns were more pristine in their servitude delighting him beyond measure. Feeling unusually satisfied, especially seeing how Nature with her come-hither looks, invigorated by his presence, was ingratiating him with its beauty. And, in her repose he was surveying his supremacy sufficiently represented and representative of his becoming a super-being, journeying beyond perfection.

Already, he was feeling elevated among the top tier, the one to which he’d long aspired, which was now in his grasp, and rendering him the recipient of instruction, information and amendments. And, as Nature kept manifesting herself to him, he no longer needed to seek it out or will it out. It just kept issuing forth a string of revelations producing endless insights, one being, the location of his ascension, the Jungfraujoch , Europe’s highest peak, from where he would see at a glance, striding from peak to peak, the dot-like people, so small beneath him.

Another revealed that Mont Blanc had, in fact, been attracted to him all along choosing ‘him’, and not the other way round, at once compelling him to reconsider whether it was indeed a revelation or just misinformation, having pondered and previously concluded that his attractive power was far greater than any other. Just as everything around was indicative of that, and as his audience had yielded to it, so too did Nature, finally realising that it was he who couldn’t resist Nature and that he must just accept the situation that nature had captured him this time. Though it was a flattering correction, it dented his senses with an impression of frailty and a dull niggling feeling perturbing him slightly. His ascension beyond perfection was more urgent now, eliminating any future errors, flaws or weaknesses, as those warranting the current correction. With that, he shifted his attention swiftly back to the relevant, the noteworthy, the assignment at hand, and the focus of his adoring audience, himself.

Being intent on an unblemished delivery, summoning his will to surpass excellence, he was confident and ready, self-assured and sufficiently equipped. Since his intimacy with nature had spanned throughout his life, and it was deep learning, especially when playing hide and seek together, one day finding it unexpectedly concealed not in a Swiss Ravine, but in a steaming swamp, in the shadow of moving lava, in Hawaii. Nature was full of surprises, he thought! He slowly lifted her veil, tabulating his knowledge beyond her intricacies and moods, eventually so exhausting her by folly that she willingly subjugated itself to him; and when he declined, she wooed him with her beauty and excessive sycophancy. He couldn’t quite work out if her advances were through self-sacrificial benevolence when standing at the altar of an ultra-being, or from an insatiable need to be possessed by him, only desiring his incessant probing, by which she secreted her exotic life. Nature was a funny thing, you see, and they enjoyed playing together. But this time she out-played him, by seeking him out and he wouldn’t forget that.

Focusing on the crowd, the time had come to deliver his speech. His audience were applauding and saluting him; frenzied from anticipation, their energy was threatening to levitate him before he had even begun. Finally, they settled down.

“Good Evening,” he started, when noticing that Mrs Picklety Boo was tapping the Raymond Weil watch on her wrist, standing before him as if quite suddenly teleported there.” It’s time, to go back in, Cern, – they’ll still be here tomorrow.” They walked together towards the towering building where he would proceed swiftly upon nearing the monolithic edifice, as he always did without at any point bidding his crowd farewell, knowing that they disappeared in his absence and reappeared in his presence. It was simple logic to a mature physicist like him – and without whom they ceased to exist.

Taking his seat, inside a place where reason, folly and mystery merged into a distinct singular force, enthroned above the ranked tiers illuminated by a shard of light, guiding his visitors who he’d always sat in wait to greet as a figure of worship, the founding Father of “Dominating The Gods”, “Immortality Regained” and “Trans- Homo Sapiens”. No longer needing accreditation, The Honorary God Certificate, Father of Fathers title, or the Testimony and Oaths since reaching beyond perfection, because he had been transformed into a Human-God, a Homo-Deity.

The End


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