Ahl Sina: A Great Change is Coming

A Great Change is Coming

Amr Troop of Pain


                                                                         Ahl Sina

The start of a great change is coming to Egypt and Europe—Ahl Sina, an extreme Arabian Metal Rock band that can expect to be met with horror or awe, popularity or rejection, but whose benefit will be fully recognised in no time at all.

Many people do not appreciate radical change because often it is forced upon them, but in this instance, it is not. The world will naturally gravitate towards Ahl Sina, meeting it in a spirit of interest. And so far, the reactions have been favourable.

Yet, as gradual as this promised change has been, being five years in the making, Ahl Sina is making great strides. “Troops of Pain” is its debut album, released in 2019, and much has already been accomplished. Only those realising the extent of its labour and what has been fully done will appreciate its marked difference, and its radical step away from conventional world music dialogues and exchanges taking place since the 80s will further deepen appreciation of the band’s advance and style.

On the world stage, North Africans are most notably offering Gnoua, and what a success that has been: it is a spiritual music which makes for comfortable listening, while this new Extreme Arab Rock does not. And though it will assault the senses musically, and stir the mind thematically, it will also motivate reflection on a contemporary but rapidly degenerating world. In doing so, elating the soul but not trampling it; taking tragedy and unravelling it.

Ahl Sina integrates two powerful musical styles, Rock and ‘Egyptian melancholic’ music, an integration that produces a mythopoesis which takes traditional mythology and archetypes and synthesises them into “The Troops of Pain”. The album’s tracks form a sequel of paradoxical but redeeming facets that are strengthened by a clear message emanating from its core, ‘unity’, promising to ward off the “darkness that blinds all people” and which “turned us into daemons”, the forces that have “turned laughter into resentment” and “forgiveness into darkness”.

Clearly, Ahl Sina’s subject matter is as universal as it is large with a show of force serving as the glue behind this new music genre, which could draw on no previous similarities or harmony. Rising out of the desert dust, so to speak, Ahl Sina is venturing “beyond the East”, it is literally building bridges and smashing walls.


Album Cover by://www.facebook.com/darklightartstudio/

Listen to the full album: https://ahlsina.bandcamp.com/releases

Stream or buy it digital from Bandcamp or any digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon music, Deezer etc.)

YouTube lyric videos:

– The Gift: https://youtu.be/UH7A-ge9DPc

– Troops of Pain: https://youtu.be/g1Lk_BWvShU


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