Cyber Security or Cyber Security Stocks – Where to Invest Amidst the Warnings of Global “Ransomware” Attacks on “Internet Infrastructure”?

CyberarcCyber Security stocks are soaring doubling gains for their investors, making me wonder the cause behind this recent internet security stock’s spikes consistently smashing peaks. On the news I heard concerns about ‘’killer robots’’ being deployed in future battle fields – Though the more apparent reason was “Ransomware attacks” targeting “internet infrastructure”, and the evidence is pointing to “Iran”.(*1). Starting in 2017 when it had “spread” a virus “across the globe…and… infected 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries”(*2). Said to be small compared with the expected magnitude, the current threat is posing, considered likely to affect most personal and corporate communication networks and the re-routing of information and meta-data to unauthorised destinations. The threat is such that several Tech communities are issuing “warnings…over the attacks”. At this point, I ask myself what should I do, is it time to invest in Cyber Security for my PC, or, Cyber Security stocks? And this, I have considered, that the former is out-dated the moment it is uploaded, the latter, can easily be toppled just as quickly it soars..

*1 Warning issued over attacks on internet infrastructure
February 23, 2019, by Glenn Chapman
MAY 15, 2017 / 8:32 AM / 2 YEARS AGO
-Cybersecurity stocks rise in wake of global ‘ransomware’ attack.…/cyber-security-stocks-rise-in-wake…
-Twitter: AFP news agency‏Verified account @AFP Feb 22
#BREAKING The internet infrastructure is under attack, the agency that oversees the online address book warns
-Understanding Internet Infrastructure


  1. Hah, if only I had money to invest… chuckle. I can still invest in enough food and a tank of gas a month as well as paying off all those bills that attach themselves to owning your own home. When that’s done, and some of my hand-to-mouth existence neighbour’s bill covered, I’m done investing. At to Internet infrastructure I wouldn’t worry about that: it’s now AI versus AI and humans may as well just stay out of the way and cover their own backsides. Civilization is splitting wide open between humanity and “skynet” already. Good place to read, or re-read Dan Simmons’ Hyperion/Endymion sci-fi 4 novel series as a reminder of “what happens after…”


    1. the future is grim. Ps on youtube i found an audio book of Hyperion/Endymion. It’s just as depressing as our own future’s timeline, it happens to be including. hope you are well. thx for stopping by.

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    1. thx for pointing out…..i might even miss them all over again. It’s the way my brain’s wired. x
      Ps, i’ve had a look but can’t see them. I’m thinking Cyber security be one word, or affect, effect?


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