The Propaganda Machine, Corbyn, and the Subliminally Hacked British Voters: A Perfect Recipe for Political Corruption?


The election process has demonstrated just how propaganda can reduce a political narrative into a viscous onslaught; control the political discourse and overtly distort facts allowing for ‘mass control’ of a population’s view. The perfect recipe allowing for political corruption.

Propaganda monopolised the Main Stream Media, repeatedly branding Corbyn “anti- Semitic” and a “terrorist supporter”‘. Which, if were true, incarceration would have occurred long ago, striking him out of Office. Instead, the pernicious allegations emerged as nothing but fabrications of Propaganda, potentially influencing The Vote, and attempting a coup.

More so, this Propaganda Machine, is manifesting a dangerous and pervasive political ideology, which is contaminating our society, and causing phychological disparity.

We’ve witnessed how ‘overexposure from propaganda’ has incited aggression. Even passive voters turned against each other, as if they were infected by a virus.

Social pathology is pointing to the symptomatic strain of ‘mass manipulation’, which, likely, has been ‘subliminally hacking’ British Voters and making them sick.

How stark the realisation that The Propaganda Machine must have been programmed in this way; impervious of the harm its causing but leading to the question…..WHO is controlling it, and WHY?

And why indeed, did the election take place at all, when nothing was meant to change? And nothing has changed. We are still under a Tory led govt.

Corbyn could have been easily removed without the rediculously destructive and expensive propaganda fuss. Rendering it impossible not to ponder his shocking landslide outcome reaking of dodge.

Was the landslide proportionate to the propaganda launched against him? if so, it wouldn’t be of any surprise that the election included foul play, by tainting the Vote or simply rigging it – Vote Fraud, isn’t just exclusive to America or Russia, you know! This is the era of overtly Sick Politics.

To quote the Tories

“It”s time to heal society”

Really. Society is Sick. Who made it sick?

Someone please, drain The Swamp.

Lily Von Valley


Corbyn Grafiti, the Sun newspaper

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