Great Gatsby and My Nautical Story

two piece
Pleated Nautical

THE GREAT GATSBY and my Pleated Nautical Story – I had a vivid dream, on the pleated crest of waves, in the Caspian ocean, Jay Gatsby materialised, wearing a Panama and smoking a Havana, undulating to Glen Miller’s band. He seemed, as if, he were, a capricious allusion, a dream outside a dream, a blurry, but captivating impression swinging in the misty ocean’s mass. Obscured, now and then, by his, hazy, cigar, fumes that were densely forming an evavescent fog, seemingly carrying him beyond the horizon’s edge.

Mass Depopulation = Syria

Mass depopulation = Syria

How can these raiders, these pirates, these killers just pick and choose which country, and people to destroy, displacing and vilifying them once surviving the genocide and the decimation of their nation, in which murder is justified as ‘collateral’ damage? A business term, which conducted under the pretense of defense and humanism, is being callously administered. And, those egging on their governors in the destruction of other nations and it’s people, are partaking in the crimes of racism/hatred/robbery, yet, who have the cheek to call innocent and traumatised people “terrorists”, but while or without realising that they are themselves, the terrorists, inciting the terror and affray because they love seeing the slaughter of innocent masses once breaching their borders, as theirs, of their souls’ and compassion, that have been demolished long before.


The Skies


Gemini – Rehab’, the last verse shows a revolving door.

Siren's, demon, alluring calls
Gemini – rehab


Gemini’s bearing force

Dealt her life a twisting course,

Booting her South in a flick of time,

Hooking for decades, gripping, in strive.


But, beckoning her forth,

The Light House, at

South End, had heard her call.


Setting her sails to mast, and

Throwing overboard her twin’s, dark, force.

Ploughing her oars,

She, was, mightily, thanking, the Lord,

All the way, to

South End’s Esplanade,

And the Promenade.


Crossing ocean’s fluidity,

The, hazy sun sets, and fluxing opacity,

Resisting, the Siren’s alluring songs –

Those seducing Demon’s calls,

Sweetening, her anticipated Victory,

To end, her dreadful Odyssey.

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The Vindication of Muslims – The Right Not to be Called Terrorists.

With terrorism set to explode, people need to be clear on what ‘hate’, ‘racism’ and ‘terrorism’ are, and whether the emotions fuelling ‘racism’ and ‘hate’ are actually borne out of the actions of ‘terrorism’ allegedly committed by Muslims to be factually correct in order to justify, or not, the reprehensible actions committed against them. For instance, calling Muslims ‘terrorists’ is not only defamation of character but a corruption of truth. As according to the OED, ‘terrorism’ is “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”, which is also, defining the misrepresentation of a Muslim’s character and deeds which do NOT fit this misguided stereotypical social perspective in any way or form.
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Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.

Science and Tech’ – Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.

                             Science and Tech’ – Dark Matter, Dark and Anti Energy.                                                                                                             “Nature Loves to Hide”                                                                         (Heraclitus of Ephesus)

These are truly staggering times for scientific exploration, sailing the oceans of space, with technology providing the rig and mast, powered not by the wind but the Hadron Accelerator/Collider (CERN) that’s taking the Nuclear programme’s research into unseen realms.

In search of Dark Matter, CERN has already began unlocking these invisible worlds, calling its experiments “The Hunting Season”.

Notably, the deeper they delve, the darker and more demonic the language becomes: Lucifer, ghosts, exotic beasts, destroyer, Shiva, black magic, and the list goes on – it is not surprising then that Clarke’s quote ”””advanced Science is indistinguishable from Magic””””, has been well received among the esoteric ranks, physicists & other Scientists.

My new book, DEKA and DECADENTS is based on these very novel technological practices but older concepts yet, exploring the darker sciences, in terms of their parallels with magic, demons and darker matters, set in a culture of decadence that is spiraling into desolation on the path of no return.

One cannot ignore, the dark plateaus that science is, currently, treading and dissecting in a leap of the unknown, while confronting Nature, with its imposing danger, it continues revealing its unfathomable powers to them, from which they learn. For example, the way in which to handle anti- matter, is ‘containing’, NOT storing, it. Man, intends reverse engineering and shackling nature, so that he can reproduce it, and affect a power shift so as to dominate it – my book spins off, from these very ideas, acquiring a strange life of its own and incorporating the strangest characters yet. It is a work in progress.

This is not the first time that Humans are pushing existential frontiers in the pursuit of Nature’s mysteries and ignoring safety, armed with pre-Socrates ideals such as those of Ephesus Heraclitus, the Natural Philosopher’s, “Nature Loves to Hide”, and Man is there to seek it out!

Hungry for power and dominance over Nature, without any boundaries marked, scientists are tampering with every single level they can access, fold of time and its hidden depths, without fully knowing its consequences, which at, any point could result a human hubris on an unsuspecting world.

The discovery of “” Hidden Valleys”””, and other dimensions that have never before been observed, as well as particles (quarks, bosons, space ripples (etc etc), and the creation of black holes, are presenting and unravelling the mysteries that expanding, the understanding of Nature’s inner workings and secrets, but balancing us all on the cusp of a barely understood dawn.

Astrophysicists, are gathering momentum by the day, venturing into indivisible dimensions, accessing through riveting technology the realms that theoretical physics and natural philosophy have only inferred so far, but which have been palpable in human dreams and imagination, the forces that they are, today, allegedly, compelling, through advancement and technological feats, which are undeniably breath taking.

     “Its a New a World”

Kenye West.

Remember Me.

A with Panama
              Remember me, when I’m alive ‘n’ kicking,

Dancing at the break of dawn.

Remember me, before the close of day        Skipping, at Sun’s peak, midday’s gaze,     Scorching, our faces, with, its, now, polluted flames. 

    The spraying of us all                                            And, the stars, even that far. 

Aluminium, back-shooting to the ground   Disseminating around. 

 Oh, those recidivist Goofs,                                                                                       Precipitating it all,                                                                                                            Indeed, whom, we call, the reckless Fools!

                                 I will remember you,

 The End 

                                    Remembering Christiana Rosette.