The Burqa is threatening the Moroccan Traditional Costume.

 A Personal Journey. Part one:
In 2003, I saw the Burqa emerging in Morocco. It’s visibility in Casablanca, Rabat, Sale and Kasar Kabir marked its path down to Tangier. Later trickling down to Asilah, a small coastal town I often visited. The trend was growing and begun encroaching on the national costumes impacting attitudes at the same time.

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A Brief Insight of Communication:Effective Listening and Advising


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 A Brief Insight of Listening and ‘Advising’.

Are you noticing, that some listeners are generally oblivious of their designated roles, that they start advising instead of listening, while involuntarily transforming into the purveyors of knowledge, and you’re their specialty. Knowing you deeplybecomes their expertise, in their shifting role from listener to adviser. Providing a wealth of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts, alongside advising, how best to address what they have conceived as your problem?

But, the unwillingness to be, if one dares to communicate it, the subject of their inherently fraught misperceptions would make them, most certainly, bring you to heel. And, I mean, aiming a super sexy, and fatal, nail-like, stiletto, at the vulnerabilities that you tend to escape at any cost.

The listeners, whether or not they realise, the boundaries of their roles, have a misconstrued view that they should be speaking at all, when that is not the requirement of listeners. Otherwise, they would have been called upon to speak, not listen – If this sounds a bit rigid, we are talking prescriptive terms and roles.

Listeners of this type, tend to have the greater knowledge, and better opinions, even when it’s about you. Telling you what to do, and how to do it . And, they know what is best for you, better than you!  Continue reading “A Brief Insight of Communication:Effective Listening and Advising”

Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth

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Hamlet, written between 1599-1601, continues posing the same question is Hamlet really mad? As we know, the general speculations have left not a verse undissected.  I’m, therefore, going to add nothing new to an old debate, but will include the most fundamental triggers contributing to his ‘supposed’ madness, and shall offer a summary of my personal analysis  –  and why not, since it is a day in which to remember The Bard, who after 400 years, still, walks the earth through the virtue of his esteemed works. And, if Hamlet who is my favourite Shakespearean character, the most famous and complex prince on the globe, had not been careful deliberating his actions he might have lingered his ‘spirit’ long after his death on earth, too. Like that of his creator’s, except for Shakespeare’s is immortalised in art but Hamlet risked an eternity of damnation. Continue reading “Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth”



Nabil Ayouch the beloved

                                                                              by  Lily Von Valley

Nabil Ayoush’s film is about Moroccan prostitution, seen through the eyes of a group of working girls, encapsulating their world and clients, as well as their victimisers, and showing their relationship to figures of authority and power contrasted with their own powerlessness. The film follows their lives while they ply their trade in Marrakech, touching on transvestism, homosexuality/gay prostitution, lesbianism, police corruption and brutality, drugs, alcohol, and the not so visible paedophilia. The film portrays the group of prostitutes in the light of their work and dreams, charting the girls’ hardship and their longing to escape their existence that seems to offer nothing but a lifestyle spiralling into hedonism and brutality, heading inevitably towards destruction, with the promise of escaping to Europe as their best hope of being saved. Continue reading “Beloved”