Managing with the 5 inner senses – imagination, insight, inspiration, instinct and intuition

Source: Managing with the 5 inner senses – imagination, insight, inspiration, instinct and intuition.



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Reflections: Encounters of a Distorted Kind.


  Deteriorating Relationships

 Reflections: Encounters of a Distorted Kind

By Lily Von Valley (02/10/2015)

Words, Confidence, Personal Security Compromised

Interpersonal relations are marked in sensitivity and intolerance these days with a sharp spyke, as to cause a leap over friendship’s edge! This brings to mind, Flying Goats, who meet a similar kind, but gruesome fate when jumping over a cliff, in an altered state of mind.

Relationships in an emotional rut, do just the same, surpassing boundaries like those flying goats, spurred on not just by loaded remarks, which seem to have had their day and innocent ones  ‘hurt’ just the same. When friendship’s plied with unnecessary scrutiny revealing the minutest crap, it’s as irritating as Diarrhea’s constant flow. Ruining friendships’ solidity to a pulp.  Relief (or release) comes in the dignified silences, as each retreats to separate resting rooms proving their motivation’s death.

The humorous, paranoid or factual suggestion that points to seeded properties in the air or edibles engineered to aggravate, and cause emotional schisms splicing marriages and friendships. Ignoring the Self from its natural and mutually occurring physiology, but accrediting geo- engineering on solely stirring from within. This, to some, contains a truth that is, at last, the cure from the onset of paranoia triggered by conspiracy theory.

Though for now, the culprit is Ego with its self swirling centricity  causing storms in which to centralise th self, shield and feel safe.  Ego is ultra sensitive linking to the slightest subtlety, whether atmospheric or language, and good reason why words shouldn’t go ignored. Since, they create the atmosphere and change the mood.

Words, Words – The Matter

Let it be a reminder that the toxicity of friendship is not just brought about by that geo, malarkey, spraying stuff, which we left behind above. Since words to Ego penetrate its core; that fortified and sacred Self. In that depth, words’ are but a protracted warring act.

Hence why, Ego is easily fravelled by the slightest phrase perceived a compromise of its stability. Even, in the void of a seemingly negative nuance, hardly remotely close. And turn a disproportionate reaction into a dirty bomb (or sour soup), exploding personal security and battering confidence beyond return – in distress over the cliff heads the friendship, like the fateful flying goats, in distress venturing beyond the edge!

Ego’s nature is hermetic disdaining exposure, which words reveal so well drawing out the vulnerability that it seeks to conceal!.

Sensitive and acute but not immune to language power; whether the phrase twisted or misconstrued, the matter still  squeezes out the sweetness of relationships, leaving behind shriveled assortment of the bitter days that one would never want, again, to recollect. And, if the days appear to be caught in a loop that the words had spiraled into motion, in the first place, soon they’ll settle coiling silently on a single, lonesome, single lane.

Nature of Word: Duplicity & Ego

It’s not contradictory, how words relay brilliant and witty ideas, at the same time impart vitriolic frustrations and deepest discontents. With Ego most in tuned to corruptive forces negating positivity within, and tunneling friendships scope and their multiplicity – Funneling relations through narrowing passages that are ill fitted for two, or more. Swiftly there, hell breaks lose and at that stage the friendship becomes much too difficult to distinguish, but easier to extinguish.

But whether it’s the words or people that are corrupting the friendship is equally hard to tell. Still, beyond that the wider prospect appears a more attractive light. A u-turn, at this point becomes a brighter idea, I think. 

Review – Projected Hope

The time might have come for a review? Assuming that there is anything left to analyse. Then, a total re-evaluation should take care of that! In scope entail the following questions:

Is it worth carrying on? Is there a desire to work through the problems? And crucially, is it conducive to happiness and well being?

Primarily, ‘Self’ answers its  own questions, but how would the other fair at such a crucial stage? And then, would the two head towards subjective rantings rather than objective expressions; apportioning blame, and clashing explanations, barely, bearing closeness to reality?

The considerations are daunting and if retention of courage might turn, to fear turning one away from a dreaded warring stage, a full on shebang! One could just imagine the collision of words that’ll crash clarity.

Followed through sifting floating debris attempting sense of shattered and scattered views that you couldn’t imagine to piece together their nonsense. Desperation may fuel the effort of establishing focus balancing that old principle of ‘give and take’, which usually spurs the good but suddenly turns as indistinct as does the power to discern it.  The matter of fact, an excruciating moment, during a black out and the power to discern anything at such time, lays in an esoteric, alternative power race – not of our Kind!

Sums up the inevitable blindness blighting players and obscuring comprehension, their ability to grasp the problem and renders the mind to suffer a temporary paralysis. How would one begin to unpack anything, then?

Well, one can’t! When forgoing the good of reason for self preservation, intolerance and heightened sensitivity, antagonisms in words wedging any  significant headway with an obstruction is the nature of relationships in a deteriorating state.

And that, is what, my friends impedes the many hopeful efforts to recuperate friendships, except for, and I hesitate to say with a grin that toxic ‘atmosphere’ spraying malacky from above!



How about a flight of fancy? The Skies, is partly decadent in style crossed with fairy tale and magical realism. A very short short story with illustration to compliment

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The Skies

On the Sensual – The power of the Senses.

The Sensual
When I speak of the sensual, I’m not referring to the gratification of sexual pleasure. I’m talking about the power of the inner senses to tune into thoughts and feelings, mood and atmosphere.

I am interested in finding out more about our capacity to sense the things that make us feel uncomfortable. Particularly, in the relationship with our friends, families, and loved ones. There’s also that initial feeling of unease that might arise when people come into contact with each others. For the first time , or not. When they might sense something, but it results in a perception missed. Or, was consciously or, subconsciously pushed aside, and ignored for several reasons. You’ve heard the expressions, “Oh, I’m being paranoid again”; “I knew it: my intuition was right! But I didn’t take any notice…”. It may well ring a bell!

The inner-senses are five qualities – intuition, imagination, insight, instinct and inspiration. People experience them in varying levels of intensity, and sensitivity. As translated from their subjective experience, and formed from their personal impressions. Thoughts, and feelings would inevitably differ, even towards the same thing or incident. It is the concoction of the senses that produces the variety.  As is, the case of, “i saw it differently from you”, or, “it’s as clear as daylight, but not to others” .

My interest lies in interpersonal relationships, and how our senses inform them. That is, what and how, we perceive things, and how those things communicate with/in us. And how they play out in our, interaction with people/friends/family/etc? Especially those negative signals we pick up, and which we repeatedly dismiss. Only to be confronted later on possibly with more challenging difficulties. An inability to understand or act, at the point when our senses provide insight, is what I want to examine further. If we picked up something, why did we not act? Or in the case of you’d sensed something but didn’t quite grasp it (or didn’t want to..?) at that time. But later when it resurfaces…well   –  “I knew….It felt wrong!”  “I’ll have to put it right, now!”. Most people would identify with that. Are we disconnected with our inner being or, not assertive or, are we just simply afraid to act?

I’d love to hear what you think, and your comments. I’d love to also read some of your experiences and stories. I’ll be sharing some of my stories, and experiences with you, over the course of time, Your experience and stories are important, too. So go ahead, share something!

Reflections:  Reflection