My Sisters and I

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Sisters  (or/and brothers)  are a Gift

 A Beautiful Gift.

A gift comes in many forms, and sisters are one of those forms. Each one being beautiful, and unique in her own way, with a marked individuality that makes her even more precious. That’s not to say that there aren’t any similarities. Of course that comes in abundance, as do the differences.

Difference is important because it gives depth and characterises each persona as the definition of itself, while similarities seamlessly accommodate and reflect the others’, without any surprises there.  

What’s beautiful and memorable,  is the fun we had growing up together, when sharing jokes , or fighting over things was the norm’ , and nothing else seemed to matter, but fitting into the skinny jeans that were way too small, and that barely stretched at all .

The joy of those magical days, when waking dreams unwound the evenings with tomorrow’s visit to the park was the only thing that filled our heads, and paraded before our eyes in hopeful fizz, and exciteful bursts. Those beautiful moments belonged to usMy Sisters and I, and they can be captured in this plain and simple thought, I’m going to the park tomorrow, with my sisters. Yepydobido! 

Sisters (and brothers), such a beautiful and precious gift, they are!

La Fin


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  1. I am an only child, so I never had those experiences you describe. When I look at my boys, I do see it though – when they are not busy fighting, that is. 😉 But at the end of the day, I am sure they are happy to have each other.

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    1. there is also appreciation and beauty in not having sisters and brothers. Seeing your boys and their bond gives you joy, as well as the indirect experience i’ve . spoken about:-). Many thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

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  2. Hi there Lily! This is a heck of a place to put this note, but I don’t wanna invade you by way of email. We came to WP with our ideas and were not looking to get followers. We’ve found you and a couple of other people here whose work we like and whom we respect as people. But we don’t wanna get rich and famous, we don’t want followers, we simply want a small corner of the Internet. Towards that end, we’ll be setting our blog as “private” over the next few days; this means that you won’t be able to see it unless we invite you, and we shall. Please excuse my rude incursion! Roy

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  3. It never worked. Due to reasons known only to WordPress, when we had it set to private, no-one could see it, we couldn’t see others, so after a fruitless week of trying to get help from them we went back to public. Oh. well. Nice to hear from you though!

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