Morgellons or…?

Can any one guess what the images are?

A Study of A Flower:2

A Study of a Flower: 2

A water drop drops on a

Metamorphic seed.

Stemming a stalk to

Buttress its bud’s yield, –

A swaggering floret –

Magnificently sprouting forth,

To best support.


A Study of a Flower:1

On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?

“My God, I would not long to see
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes arise”

The above quote from A Sermon No.2330 illustrates, perfectly, the general indifference to, and the denial of free will. Resulting in widespread ennui, and the unwillingness to act without bearing any responsibility. Such as that, which is, justified by ‘fate’, and which is the polar opposite of personal freedom and taking control of one’s life. Continue reading “On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?”


I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.

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Many thanks to Beparvah for the consideration of this award, and for nominating me. I am thrilled, to say the least.

Firstly I’d like to mention how much I have enjoyed reading his posts, which contain various layers of meaning that capture a deep mental, and emotional anguish. In particular, they give expression to, with ease, the intensity that had created them; and, which is the depth that drew me in. His work has a quality that takes you into the various and unbound recesses of a deeper interior; in its state of loss; and in the experience of gain; and in the hope found; which are balanced between despairing moments of darkness, contrasted with essential illuminations that Beparvah distinctly portrays in his narrative. Continue reading “I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.”


A Brief Insight of Communication:Effective Listening and Advising

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 A Brief Insight: Effective Listening, and Advising.

I suggest you listen when I’m speaking – Just kidding! :-}! [echoing wooknight’s on Moby Dick]

I’ve noticed that some listeners are generally oblivious of the role that designates their position, acting advisers, instead. They, some how, suddenly transform into purveyors of knowledge – and you’re their specialty, knowing all about You becomes their business, in the shifting process of their role, from listener to adviser. They provide a wealth of knowledge, alongside advising how to best address what they’ve conceived as your problems?

But the unwillingness to be, if one dares to communicate it, the subject of their inherently fraught and fantastical debate, they would most certainly bring you to heel!J)?! And I mean a super sexy fatal nail-like stilettoe thrashing, aiming at possible vulnerabilities that you would want to dodge.

The listeners, whether or not they realise their boundaries, either way, seemingly doesn’t matter. What does, is the misconstrued view that they should speak at all when not required, is telling!

Theirs, is the greater knowledge, and the better opinion even when it’s about you; telling you what to do to all the time, if not most. And, they know what is best for you, better than you!  Continue reading “A Brief Insight of Communication:Effective Listening and Advising”




Atom illustration

A circle within a circle,                  

Separately, Symmetrically;

Antithetically,  Spinning.




Persian Miniature                                     Corset

persian-miniature-1339170268_org                                                            corset photo corset final


Death by Microsoft Windows 10, Update

Death by Microsoft Windows 10, update.Micro soft windows 10

Exhibit N0: 1

One dead Lap Top.

Exhibit No:2:

The Notification: (read out), “update in progress“.

Circumstances Surrounding the Facts:
Time of Crime: 12:am. At the strike of mid-night.

The update was imposed, without providing the victim, namely Ms Lily Von Valley, with an  option. She noticed when attempting to switch off the computer that the update was taking place . A great length of time had passed, some three hours, approx’, and it was still in ‘progress’ – The victim fell asleep,without meaning to. After an hour she woke up; realizing that her dear lap top had died, a slow and excruciating death. It never opened or flashed its little green, and orange eyes ever since they closed. Or, even  bleeped, or beeped.      .

Does this not constitute an act of murder, and should MicroSoft Software take responsibly, for that act?
How do you Plead Mr Microsoft Software?
 Not Guilty. Your Honour 
Verdict of the Jury:    Guilty.
Sentencing Speech:
Mr MicroSoft Software,  you have been convicted of an electrifying crime. You , knowingly, and without regard towards. either, Ms Lily Von Valley, or her Laptop,  did impose upon the two Windows’s 10 update software, which was the direct cause of death.
You have acted recklessly, and  negligently.
And  trespassed the property of another; and enforced software without due diligence of the boundaries.
I therefore sentence you, to:
1) replace Ms Lily Von Valley’s lifeless PC with another living PC, in less than 24hrs. In the choice of her colour.
2) provide a service to Ms Lily Von Valley whereby you attend her property  (and none of this remote business!), as and when she calls, to remedy future viruses, or else that might infect the new  PC –
3)Sentence length:  10 years.

Continue reading “Death by Microsoft Windows 10, Update”


Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth

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Hamlet’s Madness continues to be discussed. The question, as always, is he really insane?

Either way, I’m adding nothing new to an old debate, but just including some of, if not the most fundamental, triggers that contributed to his‘supposed’ madness – and why not, since it is a day to remember The Bard, and his, if not ‘the’, most famous prince, in the globe..

The triggers are linked to a succession of events:

1. The death of his father                                                                           2. Seeing the ghost of his father                                                               3. His Uncle’s move to the Throne                                                           4. The ‘hasty’ Marriage of his Mother to his Uncle

Hamlet’s considerations on seeing the ghost Continue reading “Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth”