The Burqa is threatening the Moroccan Traditional Costume.

 A Personal Journey. Part one:
In 2003, I saw the Burqa emerging in Morocco. It’s visibility in Casablanca, Rabat, Sale and Kasar Kabir marked its path down to Tangier. Later trickling down to Asilah, a small coastal town I often visited. The trend was growing and begun encroaching on the national costumes impacting attitudes at the same time.

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Teena Maria – 80s Goddess

 Portugese Love. Simple stunning –

This classic song deserves a listen – just press the link above – Let me know your thoughts!

Lady T

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Dress Making, Pattern Cutting – A Noble Art

Dress Making in Canterbury


Dress makers, Pattern Cutters, Designers, and Textile Designers (et al) are people with nimble fingers and agile minds, transforming visions into innovative stories, through a combination of style and dexterity.

Equipped with heaps of expertise, monumental perseverance, and plenty of patience their multi-skill base remains unmatched by the several professions. Of course , they are beyond measure and in today’s buzz word, they are described as ‘Creators’. Rightfully so, since constructing ideas into beautiful and functional garments is Creation.


But it hasn’t always been like this, they have been understated, yet survived the derision aimed from those so ignorant of  the profession and what it entailed, who summed them up, and their proffession, in  negative labels and a charechitured light:  The Dress maker, as the ‘frail little old lady, bent over a Singer sewing machine’, – and the tailor, ‘the frail little old man, with measuring tape around his neck, wearing round glasses, and a balding head’. – I’m not going to mention the spinster on the spindle, spinning yarn.

But now, today, in the 21st Century, they are rightfully hailed as Icons and an inspiration to all. Their cloths are objects of dreams, desired by the many, and  worn by kings and queens. To most they remain  out of reach.

And now that their recognition and status is acknowledged, these talented creators and constructers may reap what the have sewn,  about which I am particularly happy.

The concept of death rows, and withering labels, ‘the frail old lady……’  and the frail little old man,  have been removed from total usage by The Seamstress, and the Master Tailor which is much better fitting, I think. Even though in essence, a label remains unattractive, in this case, at least it’s positive, and I like the phrases and the sounds they make (The Seamstress, and the Master Tailor)

Kaftan Sensuality v Gothic SublimityKaftan Sensuality v Gothic SublimityPhototastic-24_03_2016_1233d1af-7a45-4067-96c7-fcee93c9b17b

On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?

“My God, I would not long to see
My fate with curious eyes,
What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes arise”

The above quote from A Sermon No.2330 illustrates, perfectly, the general indifference to the denial of free will. Resulting in widespread ennui, and the unwillingness to act without bearing any responsibility, but justifying through ‘fate’, which is the polar opposite of personal freedom and taking control of one’s life. Continue reading “On Free Will, Pre-determination, Pre-destination, and Future Time ?”

I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.

word press award 2screenshot_2016-05-06-22-38-282-jpg

Many thanks to Beparvah for the consideration of this award, and for nominating me. I am thrilled, to say the least.

Firstly I’d like to mention how much I have enjoyed reading his posts, which contain various layers of meaning that capture a deep mental, and emotional anguish. In particular, they give expression to, with ease, the intensity that had created them; and, which is the depth that drew me in. His work has a quality that takes you into the various and unbound recesses of a deeper interior; in its state of loss; and in the experience of gain; and in the hope found; which are balanced between despairing moments of darkness, contrasted with essential illuminations that Beparvah distinctly portrays in his narrative. Continue reading “I am Nominated for The Leibster Award: discovering bloggers.”

A Brief Insight of Communication:Effective Listening and Advising


Needs musts should s edited

 A Brief Insight of Listening and ‘Advising’.

Are you noticing, that some listeners are generally oblivious of their designated roles, that they start advising instead of listening, while involuntarily transforming into the purveyors of knowledge, and you’re their specialty. Knowing you deeplybecomes their expertise, in their shifting role from listener to adviser. Providing a wealth of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts, alongside advising, how best to address what they have conceived as your problem?

But, the unwillingness to be, if one dares to communicate it, the subject of their inherently fraught misperceptions would make them, most certainly, bring you to heel. And, I mean, aiming a super sexy, and fatal, nail-like, stiletto, at the vulnerabilities that you tend to escape at any cost.

The listeners, whether or not they realise, the boundaries of their roles, have a misconstrued view that they should be speaking at all, when that is not the requirement of listeners. Otherwise, they would have been called upon to speak, not listen – If this sounds a bit rigid, we are talking prescriptive terms and roles.

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