Insight: The power of our senses, gut feelings, awareness – Our ability to connect on all levels.


The Sensual

When I speak of the sensual, I’m not referring to the gratification of sexual pleasure. I’m talking about the power of the inner senses to tune into thoughts and feelings, mood and atmosphere.

I am interested in our capacity to sense the things that make us feel uncomfortable. Particularly in the relationship between our friends and families, and our loved ones. That initial feeling of unease which might arise, when people come into contact with each other, for the first time, or not. When, something that could’ve been sensed resulted in a perception missed. Or, which was consciously or, subconsciously pushed aside, and ignored for several reasons. You’ve heard the expressions, “Oh, I’m being paranoid again”; “I knew it: my intuition was right! But I didn’t take any notice…”. It may well ring a bell!

The inner-senses are five qualities – intuition, imagination, insight, instinct and inspiration. People experience them in varying levels of intensity, and sensitivity. Informing their subjective experience, and forming their personal impressions, at the same time. Thoughts, and feelings, inevitably differ, even towards the same thing or incident. This variety is the concoction of the senses.  As is, the case of, “I saw it differently from you”, or, “it’s as clear as daylight, but not to others!”.

My interest lies in interpersonal relationships, and how our senses inform them. That is, what and how, we perceive things? How those things communicate with/in us? How they play out in our interaction with people/friends/family etc.  Especially those negative signals which we might pick up but which, we repeatedly dismiss. Only to be met possibly with more challenging difficulties. An inability to understand or act, at the point when our senses provide insight, is what I want to examine further. If we picked up something, why did we not act? Or in the case of, you’d sensed something but didn’t quite grasp it, or didn’t want to, at that time!? But, when it resurfaces…well   –  “I knew….It felt wrong!”  “Now I’ll have to put it right!”. Most people would identify with that. Are we disconnected with our inner being? Or, not assertive? Or, are we just simply afraid to act?

I’d love to hear what you think, and your comments. I’d love to also read some of your experiences and stories. I’ll be sharing some of my stories, and experiences with you, over the course of time,. Your experience and stories are important, too. So go ahead, share something!

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13 thoughts on “Insight: The power of our senses, gut feelings, awareness – Our ability to connect on all levels.

  1. Hey, I noticed that too! When you said “those negative signals which we might pick up but which, we repeatedly dismiss. Only to be met possibly with more challenging difficulties.”
    It’s true! When we don’t face stuff on one level, it comes back on a more difficult level. It’s easily noticed on a physical level – like when we eat too much junk an we get spots and if we still eat junk we get fat and if we still eat junk we get clogged arteries! If only we could just listen to the spots it would save us a lot of trouble. But things of the mind and spirit are much more serious.
    Thanks for sharing this Lily – it sparks my mind to life. 🙂

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  2. This is a fascinating topic. The most obvious example of me not acting on the warnings of my gut happened about 15 years ago, when I was newly divorced and my self-esteem was at an all time low, leading me into a year-long, unhealthy rebound relationship. Now, I would never tolerate the behaviors I tolerated then. Thankfully I don’t have to. People have always said that I am calm and mellow, and it’s true that I tend not to react quickly to many situations. It may have started as being shy or fearful as a child, but it may be that I prefer calmness. My natural calmness has been reinforced by being a counselor for 30 years. I find it helpful to sit back and observe, not getting all stewed up about something, but to observe mindfully and objectively, especially in tense interactions. In my personal life, there have been times when I should have said, Hey! cut the crap, or I’m out a here! But now, I’m more likely to say, I’m not comfortable with this and ask for what I want. It takes practice.

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    1. Assertiveness, making known our position while respecting both our rights and those of others, takes serious practice and training, especially in achieving it politely and respectfully as you said ” I’m not comfortable with this” . It is interesting how we’re halted by our own inner obstacles, from making timely and appropriate decisions, to ensure our safety, and yet going against the grain of our survival instinct. A paradox. Many thanks for visiting and your feed back. I like the spirit of Nature in your posts, and the tranquility that imbues it.. that must be your ‘calmness’ . I shall revisit.

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