Encountering Deceivers: Part 1


A Deeper Truth
Dual Aspect:            photo by: http://www.philiptreacy.co.uk

                                                                    I need a Place to Stay Part I


Theme: The lessons, instincts ignored

                                                                     (A true story)

I was abroad. One day, I received a call of an urgent nature. It was, the wife of a friend in tears, who seemed quite distressed, that I could just barely hear what she was saying, but through her broken sentences and sobs, I quickly understood her reason for calling.

It all made sense. You see, her and her partner, who were newly weds, had been renting, a council property, from the council tenant, who was illegally subletting it to them, so this, did not come as a great surprise hearing her saying,

“I…came home…. a metal…a brown…door…..no access to the flat, and my husband’s at work”.

Oh dear me, I thought – and, asked if there was a Notice, or a letter of possession?

She didn’t hesitate to read something to the effect –  This property is subject to a Repossession Order No ….. by X Local Authority…..  And, did she telephone the council?  But, there wasn’t a telephone number, she said, which seemed, very, odd. But I put that to her panicked state, and a lack of English.

I, comforted and assured her that every thing would be OK. And, she continued lamenting in hysterical gratitude.

“Oh my God…this has never happened to me….I was so scared, and didn’t know who to call, but you”. 


She might have as well said instead, “and, I knew exactly who to call.

At this point, feeling a kind of knot in my gut, impressing with doubt, about this whole situation not, the Repossession Order, and I was, most certainly, anyhow, not wanting them staying at my place, ever again. But, I knew that this would inevitably happen which was starkly contradicting with my intuition,

And, incidentally, about eight members of her husband’s family were living close by, as well as several friends – But she called on me, instead. In fact, in a way, I could totally understand why she did, and didn’t want to move in with them, being newly married, preferring privacy, and having a place, all to themselves, was the more attractive – and, it just happened to be was my Place that they had in mind.  After all, I had nothing to lose! Right?

The notion that I was justifying her situation, and repressing my reason, which, a seasoned deceiver, knows just, exactly, how to bury, and the fact that she was been perversely flattering, was making me cringe, and gobbling me up inside, yet, I was hearing my self saying…

“Why, didn’t you call anyone close by?”.

I should have really continued along that line of questioning, but her answers, so typical of deceivers, were evoking pathos, empathy, guilt among other emotions, and they were meant to do just that, and, stopping the questions. Yet, she, wasn’t aware, that how, her crafted  communication, had given her intentions away, because it was anything but normal.

Of course, she would have been in cahoots with her husband, who would have set her to task, only then would she have made the call. They were one of those sort of twin-brain, like, couples, who always reinforced each other. He, in this case, was like a line-manager in charge of production, and she was, the line, churning out the manipulation and deceit, but both, were really, just producing their morality snares, later to be caught up in. And, she continued.

“You’re my friend, and like a sister. I couldn’t call anyone but you; I just didn’t know what to do and knew you’d help me… ”.

But, as excruciating as it was, having been placed in such a position, I found  my self thinking that the situation had to be dealt with, but stupidly, rather than reminding her that she had a huge network of people, including her husband’s family, who would have put her and him up temporarily, I instead spoke in these tones.

“,Don’t worry too  much…we’ll sort it out”

Aware, just how uncomfortable I felt under the pressure. Continue readingEncountering Deceivers PartI:SsII A Deeper Truth


The Art of Friction in Interpersonal Relationships

friction                                                             Reflection                                                                                                                                                   Reflections:

Encounters: 1. Encounters with a Burglar.        The Skies47d8af1538bf754e091dd4f5306bbb98a treat for the reader


    1. The protagonists are meant to be presented in that way, anonymously (as mentioned in other reply, true story). High- lighting their actions, which will define who they (or I) are. The consideration will be given to the way deceivers operate. I wrote this last year when I was contemplating the power of the senses, and how they alert us in such events.

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      1. Ah – I see – it’s a device. Gotcha. I suppose you could use other ways to make the events clearer in the mind of the reader …
        Struggling to think what they might be at the moment. Brain tired – long week. 🙂 Sorry to be so useless.

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