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Is the Moroccan Traditional Costume under Threat by the Burqa?

Is the Rise of the Burqa Threatening the Traditional Dress of Morocco: A Personal Journey. Part one:

In 2003, I saw the Burqa emerging in Morocco. It’s visibility in Casablanca, Rabat, Sale, Kasar Kabir, and in Tangier trickled down to asilah. The trend grew, and began to, as I saw it encroach on the national costume, and impact attitudes at the same time.

The Burqa seemed then, and still does now, to me, very odd and foreign to Morocco’s environment due to its unfamiliarity there. How, this strange and allian garment, the Burqa, without ever having had any previous links with Morocco, or its fashion was surfacing in the local communities, and in private wardrobes, I couldn’t quite work out, and it kept me musing, for a while.

It troubled me, to see a female covered from head to foot, in such a way, with such a horrible garment. Cloaking, totally, her face and body from view, as she moved silently through Souks and Medinas – sometimes, the fabric draping and sweeping along, on the floor .

The Burqas were black, austere, and bland. Even threatening, but were by far exceptionally distant from the vibrancy of colour, to which the Moroccans, or I, had been accustomed. And I didn’t find them attractive in the least, which by now, you’ve pretty much gathered. Continue reading “Is the Moroccan Traditional Costume under Threat by the Burqa?”