Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth

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Hamlet, written between 1599-1601, continues posing the same question is Hamlet really mad? As we know, the general speculations have left not a verse undissected.  I’m, therefore, going to add nothing new to an old debate, but will include the most fundamental triggers contributing to his ‘supposed’ madness, and shall offer a summary of my personal analysis  –  and why not, since it is a day in which to remember The Bard, who after 400 years, still, walks the earth through the virtue of his esteemed works. And, if Hamlet who is my favourite Shakespearean character, the most famous and complex prince on the globe, had not been careful deliberating his actions he might have lingered his ‘spirit’ long after his death on earth, too. Like that of his creator’s, except for Shakespeare’s is immortalised in art but Hamlet risked an eternity of damnation. Continue reading “Triggers to Hamlet’s Madness – 400 Years the Bard has walked the earth”