The Faustian Society

Inspiration: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Eliot), Hamlet, The Bible.

Faustian Society croped and edited final version

I have Seen Them All


Traversing parched terrain; gazed

Death pulling it apart from outside in;

Observed without slightest fain.

Fissures dispersing to farthest parts the people of its land-

The gaping belly of Mother Earth, Dissected.


Fragmented, they stood staring in the abyss.

Contemplating the end too late –

Reconsiliating event with no return, they kiss.


Gaunt-like faces harrowed by their fall.

Hallowed be thy name – they call.


Vulture’s shriek – Cacophony echoes Deceit -.

Descending the Rank of Man,  consumes its greed.

Solace attempted, in Hail Mary. And,

Testimonies avowed the woes. Decadence’s closer hand,

Encroaching upon all, impressed the end.


What of progress?

Ah.! Worm, fattened from gluttony.

Still, I must digest! And do confess,

The Lord whom I shall meet ahead, is close at hand.

I beg your pardon, for now, I must depart!

The Dallying Lodger,            Corset                         The Skies  Beardsley Aubre Rovolting Woman fr wordpress.comuntitled                                                                The dallying lodger illustration                            corset photo corset final



  1. Like most good poems this impacts on my emotions rather than my mind. I have learned not to ask about meaning, but to find my own. I have yet to master this art, but I am allowing myself to enjoy. Not much sense from me, I know – but thanks all the same. 🙂

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    1. Hey, thanks Robert. And not that your without the awareness, it is the reader who brings meaning, rather than the author -your quest is on the right path .::-} I wonder the kind of emotions it stirred? And interestingly enough, a psychoanalyst might say (as per your previous question), the impact first occurred in the subconscious mind, and surfaced as emotion – like those little ‘spots’ we spoke about earlier. Ps, I have since changed it slightly. Appreciate your comment.:-)

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      1. Fear, disgust and hope. I’m not sure a psychoanalyst would make much of those emotions. It seems that they are more interested in sex, childhood and dreams. 🙂
        I’ll have to ask my subconscious about it later – it’s upset with me at the moment and has stopped talking.

        Wild animals under my skin.

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      2. Oh dear, we can’t have that, Robert. Let me know, once you’ve conversed with your subconscious. As for the Fraudian Psychoanalyst, your right, they attribute too much to infantile sexuality, the Odepus and Electra complexes – the pre occupation of boys wanting sex with their mothers, and girls, their fathers. This ‘repressed’ sexual desire surfaces in dreams, neurosis and so on. It undermines the seriousness of this school of thought, on one level, but not entirely because there is some truth in it, but rather inverted.. I like psychoanalysis it offers subterranean depth…

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  2. Robert, I forgot to mention, fear disgust and hope! For now, think about ‘hope’. You don’t sound your sparky cheerful self today. But that is OK, and normal. Your a star, don’t forget!


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